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how-to-rid-house-of-spiders-houseSay the word “spider” to the average person and you’ll immediately conjure up a reaction. Auto enthusiasts may think of the sports car. Science fiction fans might be reminded of the giant creature features of the 1950s. But most of us simply think one thing: ick.



While spiders can sometimes be helpful because they devour other insects around our homes, they can also act as an intrusion, especially ones like the infamous black widow, the bite of which can make us sick. This is why learning how to get rid of spiders should be a top priority, just in case the need arises.


Eliminate their food source


Spiders feed on other insects. The reason why they hang around your house is because they tend to go where the food goes. If your house has a tendency to be home to a number of bugs, spiders can sense this and will take up residence in your house. There’s no reason for them to go out foraging for food if they can simply have access to a smorgasbord in the safety of the indoors. If you take steps to eliminate other insects, the population of these arachnids will quickly decrease since they’ll need to find a better place to wine and dine.


Remove cobwebs


Learning how to get rid of spiders can also begin with getting rid of their livelihood. Most spiders rely on the creation of webs to catch their prey, whether you’re referring to flies or other small insects. Once a bug is unfortunate enough to get caught in the web, the spider will encase the victim in webbing and devour it, which is why a web in a prime spot will be discovered with a number of dead insects beneath it.


Creating a web takes quite a bit of energy. In fact, if a spider isn’t getting any food from its trap, it will often ingest its own web as a way to reclaim some of the protein it used to make it, and then move on. To speed up this process, all you need to do is remove its way of catching food. To be most effective, you should remove cobwebs immediately after discovering them.




If you continue to have problems with spiders, especially ones that could be harmful like the black widow or brown recluse, the choice you make in regards to how to get rid of spiders might come down to the use of pesticides. A number of effective pesticides can be found in stores, and it doesn’t take much to either kill the arachnids or have them running for the hills. If you have children or pets, however, exercise caution in where you spray.


Photo Credit: House Spider