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infestation-of-roaches-1There’s a harsh truth all of us must face at some point in our lives: cockroaches aren’t going anywhere. They’ve survived for billions of years and no amount of global upheaval or nuclear holocaust will destroy them. If your home has an infestation of roaches, what should you do? What can you do? If you want to rescue your home from these creatures, you can follow these four simple steps to get rid of them:


Step #1: Utilize preventative measures.


All of your efforts will be in vain if more cockroaches continue to pour into your home, unabated, while you’re trying to cast out the ones that are already inside. To prevent this, take necessary steps to avoid it. Cockroaches typically want to get inside your house for food and water. Removing easy access to these things will do wonders in preventing a worse infestation of roaches. Basically, take your garbage out on a regular basis, seal up leftovers, and remove any standing water near your home. Also, be sure to fill in cracks and gaps around the perimeter of your home.


Step #2: Spread around cockroach bait. 


Gel is a popular type of cockroach bait, and it can be spread anywhere, out of the reach of children and pets. It works by lining your walls, cupboards, and other places you’ve noticed them with the substance. The poison contained in the gel is slow-acting, so unsuspecting cockroaches will carry it back to their nest, where it will spread to their brethren. This has proven to be a highly effective method of dealing with an infestation of roaches.


Step #3: Use boric acid rather than standard chemicals.


This is a popular method that people often don’t consider. While you can spray chemicals in your home as a way to kill the infestation of roaches, the “wonderful” thing about these creatures is their ability to adapt. If you use chemicals and don’t get rid of the entire infestation soon enough, the survivors will become immune to whatever you’re using. Boric acid, however, acts by drying out the cockroaches in order to kill them, which is something they are not able to become immune to.


Step #4: Call a pest control expert.


An infestation of roaches can quickly get out of hand. Not only can cockroaches adapt to chemicals over time, but they are able to hide in places that are very hard to reach. A pest control expert will be able to assess your home’s level of infestation and make suggestions appropriate for your situation. He or she may suggest bait, chemicals, a bug bomb, or another method, and will carry out the extermination quickly, with minimum interruption to your daily routine.



Photo Credit: Roach