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business-pest-control-5For any number of businesses—apartment complexes, restaurants, grocery stores, hotels, healthcare facilities, stores, schools, etc.—the presence of pests can be disastrous to business.



Even in less customer-service-oriented businesses, pests can still demoralize employees, threaten employee health, and cause costly property damage. For these reasons, all businesses should consider regular pest control as simply part of the cost of doing business.


Proactive Business Pest Control Pays Off


A company specializing in pest control will come to your place of business and conduct a thorough inspection. They will then eliminate any pests they find. The next step involves the pest control specialist working with you to develop a regular business pest control plan that’s flexible and fits your schedule. This regular service will involve periodic inspections and preventative treatments. This small ongoing cost can save a lot over the long run when you consider the potential negative consequences to your businesses reputation, employee productivity, and property.


What to Look for in a Pest Control Company


The best pest control specialists have strong local ties. This is important because the type of pests—and the pest behavior—varies between locales. Before hiring a company, ask around about their commitment to customer service. It’s important to use a pest control specialist that understands the important role they are playing in your business and responds accordingly. Another factor to pay attention to is how long the company has been in business. Experience counts. And, finally, of course, pay attention to price. But don’t be misled; a lower price doesn’t always mean a better deal. In determining which company offers the greatest value, focus on what they are required to do in their contract and make sure they guarantee their work .


The Bottom Line


Business pest control is not something to ignore. If you do, you’ll be faced with unhappy employees, alienated customers, regulation violations, and potential property damage (e.g., chewed-up wiring, destroyed wood, damaged plumbing or HVAC ducting). The step you need to take to prevent these consequences is to implement a regular business pest control program using a company that you trust, that has a solid reputation, and that shows a strong willingness to work with you to make sure you always remain pest-free.



Photo Credit: New Office by jyri