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insect-inspection-guttersAutumn is a time of year when insects begin seeking out warmer places to live, and your home fits the bill!



So how do you conduct an insect inspection of your home in the fall to prevent insects from plaguing you in the winter? You’ll need to inspect each of the following places.






Look for loose shingles or boards, which can allow insects to enter your home. Trim any tree limbs that are overhanging the roof, as these can allow ants, cockroaches, and other insects looking for a place to winter to easily drop onto your roof.






Inspect the flashing around the base of the chimney; if it would allow insects an entry point, it will need to be tarred. While you’re up there, make sure the chimney opening has a screen, which won’t do much good to prevent insects but will keep out other pests such as raccoons and birds.






After most of the leaves have fallen, clean them out. Mosquitoes and several other types of flies like to lay eggs in gutters that are backed up with water.



Facia and Soffits



Carpenter ants, wasps, and bees are among the insects attracted to these areas when they aren’t painted or are beginning to rot.






Find and repair any cracks or holes. Wasps, hornets, bees, mosquitoes, houseflies, spiders, beetles, and numerous other insects will readily take advantage of these openings to seek out warmth and food in your home.



Windows and Doors



Check all your weather stripping and make sure it properly seals. Obviously, repair any holes in screens or in the doors or windows themselves. Also look for rotting wood, which could be a sign of carpenter ant or termite damage that’s already occurred. At the very least, these insect pests are attracted to rotting wood, so if you’re not infested yet, count your blessings and replace the wood as soon as possible.






As with the exterior of the home, make sure there are no openings, because most insects will make their way into a basement just as they would into your home. If you have a problem with standing water in your basement, you are offering mosquitoes and other aquatic insects a perfect breeding ground.






Ensure that the screens on the attic vents are not damaged. If you find holes in the screens, go ahead and do an insect inspection of the attic.



Specialists Can Do the Job for You



If you don’t feel like conducting an insect inspection of your home yourself—or if you’re not confident in your ability to find insect pests—call a professional pest control specialist who will thoroughly check your home and yard and exterminate any pests that are found.


Photo Credit: Clean The Gutters