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Do you like hearing that annoying pesky chirping of crickets at night when you are trying to relax or sleep? Crickets tend to have really bad timing when they choose to chirp away and that is usually when it has become really quiet. There is even a saying about an awkward silence that a cricket chirping is what breaks it. The funny thing about crickets chirping is that it is only around half the population that is making the noise. That is because only male crickets are the ones that make noise. They are letting the females know where they are. Crickets are a nuisance and that means that most people don’t want them hanging around.

Rest Easy Pest Control Outlines What You Can Do To Prevent Crickets.

What Are Crickets Attracted To? Being able to prevent crickets from getting into your home in the first place is the best plan. Once you have a problem with crickets it is an uphill battle to get rid of them. Most crickets actually prefer to stay outside in the weather but will take a chance on coming in for good reason. They also tend to congregate in and around garages that are near your home. You can start with removing as much clutter and debris around the edges of your home as possible. This will take away their hiding places and they will go somewhere else to look for shelter. They are also attracted to cardboard and books. If you have a lot of boxes in your home or garage it is best to remove them and use a plastic bin or container in place of them. The very best way to prevent crickets from being around your home and in it you should hire a professional pest control company that can treat your home on a regular basis.
How to Get Rid of Crickets in Your Home or Garden: If you already have a problem with crickets you are going to need to have your home treated by a professional. Rest Easy Pest Control can come out and assess the level of the infestation and determine the very best method to treat the problem. There are some home methods that you can try but most of them will only draw out the crickets into the open and you will still need to have them treated and removed. Contact Rest Easy Pest Control for all your pest control needs.

If you have a problem with crickets in your home call Rest Easy Pest Control in Manhattan, Bronx, Queens, Brooklyn & Staten Island as well as Nassau & Suffolk Counties, New York today.