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post nowThe sheer number of ants in a single colony can seem overwhelming at times. If you only one colony sets up shop near your home and begins an invasion of either your house or yard, the problem can become annoying, to say the least.


Do you know how to find ants that are on your property? The good news is that they’re not the sneakiest of insects. Most ant varieties don’t go out of their way to hide their presence. Let’s take a look at how to find ants both inside and outside your home and how to get rid of them.



How to find ants indoors


You’ll be alerted to most species of ants when you see them crawling around the inside of your home. This will usually take place in the kitchen, where they’re being attracted to your trash or possibly leftover food that you dropped on the ground or left in the sink. Ants don’t typically travel by themselves. Instead, you’ll see a line of the critters, sometimes numbering in the hundreds, as they move back and forth between the food they’ve found and their colony outside. However, it’s also important to note that carpenter ants are a special case. Those troublesome bugs will often make your basement their home and will chew through your wood.



How to find ants outdoors


It may sound simple, but the key here is to simply look. You might laugh, but the best way to find ants outside your home is to walk all over your yard, both front and back, and see if you spot any. If you find a line of ants crawling around, it shouldn’t be too tough to hunt down their colony by following it to its source. Just look for the hole in the ground or a mound that’s protruding out of the dirt. Surrounded by ants, of course.



How to get rid of ants once you find them


Getting rid of ants typically isn’t too difficult. If you only have a few, you may simply want to spray. There are a number of poisons on the market that will kill the critters on contact. However, if you have small pets or young children who might be exposed to the toxic chemicals, it’s best to find an alternative. A popular method is to utilize an ant baiting system. These systems contain a food source for ants that is laced with a slow-acting poison. The ants take the bait back to the colony and after a while, the poison will infect a large number of ants within the colony. If used correctly, a baiting system can be a very easy, effective way to eliminate an entire colony.


Photo Credit: sbfisher via Flickr