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pest-control-servicesPests in your home aren’t just a nuisance and an embarrassment–they also pose health risks. Pest control services can protect you from harm by:



1. Removing all pests that can cause health problems


Pests can spread communicable disease to the people who live in your home, your pets, and guests. Pests also can cause a wide range of other health problems such as:

  • allergic reactions
  • infections (e.g., when you scratch so much you break the skin)
  • food contamination
  • asthma
  • mental stress.



Pest control specialists are highly knowledgeable about all types of pests, where they like to live, and how they get in to your home. As licensed professionals, they also have access to more-effective pesticides that the general public doesn’t have. This combination of expertise and the proper chemicals allows pest control services to completely remove any health threat.


2. Eradicating the pests in a safe manner


Do-it-yourselfers can create their own health problems. Some efforts at removal–such as trying to get rid of a nest of bees or wasps–can lead to immediate personal injury. Less dramatic, but also of serious concern, is the improper use of store-bought pesticides. If you don’t know what you’re doing, you can actually increase heath risks by exposing yourself and others to harmful chemical effects.


3. Ensuring your home stays free of pests.


To keep your home safe from pests, you need to be vigilant about preventing a reinfestation after treatment. Pest control services can discuss preventative measures with you and also schedule regular pesticide treatments to keep your home from being at-risk of continued pest-related health issues.


Takeaway Point


Pests of all types (cockroaches, mice, bed bugs, etc.) can lead to health problems, so don’t mess around–hire a pro who will do the job right.