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home-pest-control-calendarMany homeowners understand the importance of regular home pest control services but aren’t sure how often the treatments should be.



There’s no simple answer to that question. How often you need pest treatment depends on several factors:


The Type of Pest.


Are you dealing with ants, termites, cockroaches, spiders, mosquitoes, or bed bugs? Each requires a different approach based upon the behavior and life cycle of the pest in question. Termites, for example, can quickly eat up a house so it’s imperative to attack the problem aggressively. Therefore, frequent treatments are called for until the termites are completely gone.


The Environment.


In general the warmer the climate, the more frequently routine home pest control services are necessary. If you’re on a bimonthly or quarterly treatment schedule, you might need to increase to monthly during the heat of the summer. The specific location of your home (surrounded by woods, near water, etc.) also might demand more-frequent treatments.


Your Tolerance of Pests.


If an occasional cockroach, ant, or spider sighting bothers you, then you might need monthly treatments even if you could get by with bimonthly or quarterly treatments.


Flexibility Is Needed


The best way to answer the question of how often you need home pest control services is to consult with an established local pest control specialist who is familiar with your climate, the pests that infiltrate homes in your region, and how those pests should be treated to effectively eradicate them.



The specialist will inspect your home, exterminate any existing pests, talk with you about your expectations, give you advice, and work out a regular treatment schedule with you to keep your home free of infestation.



In many cases, quarterly treatments will be sufficient. But the pest control company should be willing to quickly adjust their schedule to meet specific needs. If you develop a problem, treatments might need to be more frequent until the problem is removed and the pest control company should offer that flexibility.



There’s more to home pest control services than simply showing up and spraying on schedule. Pest control specialists should be committed to keeping pests under control in your home, no matter how often—or how little—they have to treat. They should reliably guide you to the appropriate frequency of treatment.



As you search for a pest control company, look for that commitment to quality service and customer satisfaction. If you find that, you can trust that you’ll have just the right amount of treatments.



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