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common-spiders1Spiders have always been a source of both dread and wonder to humans.  They are fascinating predators one moment, beasts to be feared the next.  Of the tens of thousands of spider species known to exist in the world, New York is home to hundreds of different types.



Although spiders can often be beneficial due to the number of insects they eat each year, there can come a point where they cross the line from being helpers to pests.  Let’s take a look at a few types of common spiders you might find around your New York home.


Sac Spider

One of the most common spiders you’ll find in New York.  These arachnids are responsible for a number of bites each year, probably more than any other type in the area.  They are easily identified by their two front legs being longer than the others.  However, they are also very small, making them difficult to see.


American House Spider 


These spiders are plentiful, but not a huge worry.  They love being indoors and will construct a web where they believe they’ll find the most food.  They’re easy to spot.  Just look for the spider with the big, round abdomen and skinny legs.


Black and Yellow Garden Spider


You definitely can’t miss this spider.  Their coloring is so remarkable that it’s included as part of their name.  Of all the types of common spiders, these are the ones that are known to build huge, elaborate webs in order to catch their prey.  As the “garden” part of its name suggests, these critters are usually found outside.


Wolf Spider


Even other spiders would probably tell you this species of spider looks creepy.  Although it will bite a human if provoked, they are typically not very aggressive toward us.  That being said, a bite from one of these nocturnal hunters can be extremely painful and must be treated immediately in order to avoid infection and/or lesions.  These spiders  can grow up to two inches, and their unique appearance make them easy to identify.


Funnel Web Spider


This arachnid can be identified solely by its web, which is, as you might have guessed, shaped like a funnel.  This spider is a homebody, of sorts.  It stays hidden within its web and rarely leaves, just in case a guest comes by for dinner.  So to speak.
The types of common spiders you might find in your home can depend on a number of factors.  Many people may go for years without glimpsing some of the spiders on this list.  Just remember, even though spiders can be beneficial, if they get out of hand, it might be time to call a professional to handle the problem.


Photo Credit: Spider by schmecky7