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how-do-i-get-rid-of-bees-3Many pests are part of the circle of life, whether it’s as a food source, eating decomposing flesh, etc. Of course, when one is scurrying inside our homes or buzzing around our heads, it’s difficult to appreciate them.


One insect that we do often appreciate, however, is the honey bee. It is well known to much of the general public that honey bees are extremely important. The primary reason for this has to do with pollination.


Unfortunately, there are times when swarms of honey bees can become a problem, so many homeowners must ask themselves, “How do I get rid of honey bees?” Let’s take a look at three things to try…


How do I get rid of honey bees? Just leave them alone.


If the bees aren’t in huge numbers, it may be possible to take care of the problem yourself. Very often, bees stray a small distance away from their hive. Just because you see a few flying around, this doesn’t necessarily mean that there’s a hive dangerously close to your home. Since honey bees are useful, and often essential, you should first try to simply leave them alone. Unless they’re of the Africanized variety, they won’t bother you and they’ll go back to their hive once they’re done doing their business.


How do I get rid of honey bees? Call a beekeeper.


Bees are a commodity for some people and sacred to others. If you find a hive on your property or nearby, don’t try to remove or destroy it. Instead, call a local beekeeper and ask if they’d like to pick it up. Very often, they will either take the hive for their own use or move it to another location, away from human contact. Beekeepers take the care of honey bees very seriously and will do whatever it takes to salvage a colony, if at all possible. What’s equally important is that they have the tools to do this safely and effectively.


How do I get rid of honey bees? Call a pest control expert.


If you find honey bees inside or outside you home, and there isn’t a beekeeper available, give your local pest control company a call. They will send out a professional who will take a look at the hive (if one can be located) and ascertain any possible dangers to your home or members of your household. This is especially important if anyone is allergic. If the problem isn’t severe, they may recommend extermination. However, since killing honey bees is, at the very least, frowned upon by state and local officials, they may hesitate to become involved. Instead, they may need to direct you to a beekeeper or a state office.



Photo Credit:  utahwildflowers via Flickr