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commercial-pest-management-publicPests are everywhere. Whether you’re referring to bugs, arachnids, or rodents, it’s impossible to escape them entirely. If you own or manage your own business, you already know that these pests are just as prevalent in a commercial property as they are in a residential one.


If you want to keep your business free of bugs, arachnids, and rodents, commercial pest management is absolutely essential. Not only will you be helping yourself, you’ll also be affecting the public in a positive manner. Let’s find out how…


Commercial pest management prevents infestations from spreading


The idea of a patron walking into your business and leaving with a pest who has hitched a ride is an abhorrent thought. Unfortunately, this possibility does exist. Obviously, a rat probably won’t be able to stow away, but small types of bugs — fleas, bed bugs, and lice, for example — can easily jump into a customer’s clothing, bag, etc. and the next thing you know, the infestation is spreading. By taking part in pest management services, however, you can help keep this from happening. Maintaining this control on a monthly basis may be on the best business decision you’ve ever made.


Commercial pest management keeps the public healthy


A number of rodents and insects carry disease, and spiders like the black widow are poisonous, and can be especially dangerous to young children and the elderly. When citizens go out into public, they want to be able to do so safely. The same goes for when they’re visiting your establishment. If you want to make sure that your customers, clients, etc. are safe when they’re inside your building, commercial pest management should be an ongoing routine. By lowering the number of creepy-crawly critters inside your building, the lower the possibility of a disease being spread or a dangerous spider biting one of your customers.


Commercial pest management provides a better customer experience


It’s happened to all of us. We walk into someone’s house, look around a bit, and spot a pest. It doesn’t matter if it’s a cockroach, spider, or mouse, if we see any kind of pest lurking around, we can’t help but be disgusted, even if we know that our house probably has a bug or two as well. Even worse is when you walk into a commercial building and spot one of these creatures. Of course, food service businesses are the worst for seeing these kinds of things. But even if it’s not a place where customer will eat, spotting a pest will immediately put a bad taste in a patron’s mouth (so to speak). Aligning yourself with a commercial pest management company is a great way to make visiting your business a positive experience.



Photo Credit:  markhillary via Flickr