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Clean clothesHousehold bugs can become quite a burden during the summer months. This time of year practically becomes an invitation for insects to come out of hiding. And now they’re trying to get inside your home any way they can.


For that reason, it’s increasingly important to learn how to keep them away. A big part of doing this is keeping your home clean because many household bugs want to get inside because they detect spoiled food, leftovers, and whatnot.


Here are a few cleaning tips to follow that will help keep your home bug-free:

  • Dispose of food right away — No matter how clean of a person you may be, chances are you’ve left food out after dinner. Perhaps you’re busy. Maybe you’re enjoying some conversation with your family or roommates. Or could it be that you want to rush back and finish your favorite TV show? The “why” is really of no consequence. The only thing that you should be concerned with is throwing your food away in its proper place.
  • Put away leftovers — If you’re not going to throw away your leftovers, don’t leave them out on the counter for any period of time. Nor should you sit them in your fridge on an open plate. Instead, place them in an airtight container. This will keep household bugs from detecting the odor and they’ll stay outside where they belong.
  • Take out the trash on a regular basis — Even if you dispose of your food in its proper receptacle, household bugs will still be able to detect it. Keeping the trash can lid shut can help, but your best plan of action is to take the trash outside as soon as it’s full. Or, if the odor is especially foul, just suck it up and take the trash out right then. That episode of Survivor can wait.
  • Clean up spills immediately — If you drop food on your carpet or spill juice on your couch, don’t let it set. If it isn’t cleaned up right away, some of the elements can soak into your carpet, or even your wood floors. This can attract household bugs to the area and help them spread.
  • Schedule cleanings and stick with them — One of the most effective tools you have in your fight against household bugs is … yourself. Keeping your home clean on a daily basis is essential to avoiding infestations. if you have kids, this might be more difficult, but it can definitely be done. Set up a reward system if you must. The important thing is to keep everyone on a schedule. It might seem annoying after a hard day at work, or even on the weekend, but the effort is worth it.



Photo Credit:  .Larry Page via Flickr