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household-bugs-Colorful_spring_gardenWhether or not you had to deal with pests over the harsh cold of the winter months, you’ll find that many critters are more active once the weather begins to warm up. So if you thought it was time to rest from your diligence of pest control, you’d be wrong. In fact, it might be time to step it up a bit.



Let’s take a look at a few of the household bugs that are likely to be more common this spring:


Termites are still looking for a snack


Homeowners hate termites, and for good reason. They want to literally eat you out of house and home. A big problem with termites is that a colony is often full of thousands of the small bugs. In fact, in order to be considered a full-fledged colony, there must be approximately 60,000 of them in your home. If you do find yourself having a problem with these wood-eaters, make sure you contact an expert in the field because their numbers will be much too large for you to handle yourself.


Bed bugs come out of hiding


To be honest, bed bugs are a problem all year. The difference is that they don’t like the cold, so during the spring, they’re more likely to come out to feed. Chances are, these little parasites will be quite hungry. If you wake up with red, itchy spots on your skin, it’s time to get yourself into gear and take care of these annoying household bugs. Unfortunately, bed bugs can often be difficult to get out of your house. Some homeowners have positive results with spraying, baiting traps, and the use of steam. But bed bugs are especially good at hiding in small spaces, so your best bet might be to hire a professional.


Stink bugs can really smell up the place


The best thing about stink bugs, if there is such a thing, is the fact that they’re not actually dangerous to humans. While other household bugs might carry disease, eat your home, or contaminate your food, stink bugs don’t present these problems. But they do come with two types of issues. The first will probably be obvious: they smell bad. Stink bugs release an odor that is extremely unpleasant. The second may be prevalent or nearly non-existent, depending on your individual situation. We’re talking, of course, of the fact that these critters will eat the vegetation inside and outside your home. Which means if you have ferns, tomato plants, or other such things around your house, it might be time to do a little spraying inside and outside, or employ the use of a vacuum cleaner to suck them up and avoid the smell.



Photo Credit: annia316 via Flickr