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hornet-infestation-bugMany people are under the assumption that wasps and hornets are the same insect.  After all, they fly, sting, and build nests.  Unfortunately, this misconception can be costly, especially if your house is home not only to your loving family, but to a hornet infestation.



Wasps vs. Hornets


Here is where the confusion lies: they are the same, yet they are not.  Confused yet?
It’s quite simple once you know the facts.  Wasps and hornets, which are both cousins to another annoying pest — the ant. Unlike many bees, both are able to sting multiple times (and they hurt).  And they also both build nests in trees and structures where you really don’t want them to be.


A hornet, however, is actually a type of wasp.  Hornets are typically rounder and fatter than wasps, but can sometimes be difficult to identify.  The real danger of hornets is their disposition.  They have a tendency to be more aggressive than their wasp brethren.  And that is not a good thing.


Those Stingers Aren’t Just For Looks


If you’ve ever been stung by a hornet, you’ll know exactly why people dodge and duck when one is nearby.  It doesn’t even take a hornet infestation to cause a frenzy.  If you’re at a picnic and someone spots a hornet buzzing around, people act as if a lion had gotten loose from the zoo.  They keep a close eye on it, until some brave soul can wad up a newspaper and whack it.
But you better hope he doesn’t miss, because hornets are aggressive even without provocation.  Surviving an attack may be just the thing that pushes that hornet over the edge.  Then, watch out!


Fatalities Are No Joke


Whether you are allergic to the sting of a hornet or not, a hornet infestation is no laughing matter.  For those who are allergic, even one sting can be deadly.  If you’ve never been stung before, you may be allergic without even being aware of it.  But even for those who are not allergic, hornets can be extremely dangerous.  This is because they carry with them a neurotoxin, ready to be injected into anyone who disturbs them (and some who don’t).  This neurotoxin, if delivered in a sufficient amount, may result in death of anyone who is attacked.


Perhaps you find the constant humming that comes with a hornet infestation to be oddly soothing.  But within this organized group lies the potential of injury or even death.  This is why a hornet infestation must be dealt with immediately before any harm comes to yourself or a loved one in your home.



Photo credit: Hornet by wwarby