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home-pest-control-gardenWhen it comes to home pest control, too many homeowners concentrate solely on the critters they find inside their home and ignore the ones that are outside.  There are always a number of pests lurking in your garden and unless you want them to get out of hand, you’ll need to pay attention to them too.



Carpenter Ants


Due to their size and sheer numbers, ants can quickly find their way inside your home in search of food and become a real menace.  Of course, they have to start somewhere and your garden is a great place for that to happen.  Carpenter ants can be a real problem in your NYC home.  These are probably the most unexpected of all critters to be found in your garden because most homeowners are aware that they ingest wood.  Logic would then dictate that these ants would only be found within your home, but like all other ants, they must travel and your garden makes a great area to stop before venturing inside.


Bed Bugs


You probably wouldn’t expect to find bed bugs in your garden, but it can definitely happen.  Bed bugs latch on to people, but then must fall off so that they can molt and enter a new larvae stage.  During this time, they can be found anywhere, and it isn’t uncommon for a child (or even an unsuspecting pet) to come across a bed bug in the garden without even knowing it.  And once they’ve hitched a ride inside, then you have a huge home pest control problem to deal with.




While you may not see squirrels as too much of a nuisance most of the time, when considering home pest control you must include these and other rodents such as rats and mice.  Yes, rodents love to invade your home but will also scurry around your garden in search of food.  Allowing any kind of rodent to freely run around your garden can be extremely detrimental to your home pest control.  While it is true that these animals will eat certain insects that they find roaming around, they also have no problem destroying your garden while they’re at it.




These eight-legged creatures can be beneficial at times, thanks to the number of insects they devour on a daily basis.  But there can come a point where even these helpful arachnids become too much for your garden and home to handle.  It is important that you check your garden for increasing numbers of these critters because once spiders get out of hand outside, it’s only a matter of time before you see them scurrying along the floors, walls, and ceiling of nearly every room inside your home.


Photo Credit: Backyard Garden