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Talk about bed bugs has become a topic that is discussed more and more in recent years. This is because bed bugs were pretty much handled for a long time and not a big issue until recently. Bed bugs have made a comeback and have become even worse than they used to be. If you wake up and notice small red bumps all over your body but you’re not sure where they came from; you may have bed bugs. Not all red bumps are from bed bugs but that is the often the first sign that you may have a problem. Bed bugs are tiny and will hide away all day long which makes it almost impossible to see them. They come out at night and feed on the blood of the person or people that are sleeping in the bed. Once their bellies are full they go back to hiding in the cracks of the mattress and again are out of sight. A professional inspection and treatment are the only way that these nasty little critters can be eradicated from your home.

Where Did Bed Bugs Come From First?

There is no evidence to say when bed bugs were first found in America, but they have been around and living with people for a very long time. After World War II the pest control industry boomed. The invention of DDT, which was the first synthetic pesticide, was invented. It was a great addition to rid all sorts of pests from people’s home and property. The people recognized that the new pesticide was working so well, they were using it on everything; all of the time. This is when bed bugs were wiped down to a manageable population and stopped being such a big worry. This lasted for a really long time and the thought of bed bugs began to seem more like a myth. Around 2003, bed bugs started to make a resurgence and evolved to save themselves from utter extinction. The problem is that the bugs that survived after World War II were almost immune to the pesticide and they are the bed bugs that reproduced and evolved into an even bigger menace. Now the pest control community has worked hard to come up with other ways to treat the threat and eliminate bed bugs in houses, hotels and other places across the world.

Professional Bed Bug Control

Rest Easy Pest Control has up to date treatment plans that can rid your home of bed bugs. We also have expert staff that can come out and do a complete inspection to look for signs of the bugs in your home or business. Contact us today!