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kitchen-ants-foodIt’s happened to all us. We wake up one morning, go to the kitchen to make some coffee or cook a little breakfast, and what do we find? Ants. Not just one or two, of course. That’s not their style. Instead, there are dozens, possibly hundreds, of the little bugs moving back and forth in a long line leading across the floor and up to your counters. Getting rid of kitchen ants, however, doesn’t have to be difficult. It simply takes a little time and effort.



Use spray poisons, but cautiously


For a time, this was the one and only way of getting rid of kitchen ants. You’d see a line of ants and you would spray. End of story. This tried-and-true method still works, especially if the number of ants in your kitchen is rather small. You’ll have to clean up the dead bugs afterwards, but the job can be done quickly, with little fuss. However, if you have small children or pets that might come into contact with the poison, you might consider a different way of killing them.


Laying down ant traps can work wonders


Many homeowners swear by these traps. They are safer than spray poisons and can kill ants at the source. Each trap contains a way for the ants to get inside, along with a substance within that is attractive to the invaders. They can’t resist entering, because the poison contained inside appears to be food. Several of the ants will then grab a piece and cart it off. Because the poison contained within the substance is slow-acting, it won’t kill the ants right away. Instead, it gives the ant enough time to get back to its nest. Once there, the poison will be taken deep into the ants’ home, where it will be “enjoyed” by a large number of inhabitants. Not only is this method safer, it is effective in stopping more ants from the same colony making their way inside your home.


Clean up after yourself to keep them from coming back


This may be the best way of getting rid of kitchen ants, or, more specifically, how to keep them from coming back. Ants are attracted to food that we discard or leave out. Their incredible senses will tell them exactly where the food is and before you know it, they’ve made their way into your house and you must figure out how to get rid of them. Of course, disposing of trash that emits an odor might still draw ants into your home, which is why you should stick it in a sealable bag. In fact, keeping regular food in sealed containers within your pantry is a good idea, too.


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