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MopMost everyone likes to have a clean house. With the exception of college kids living it up at a dorm or apartment for the first time, clutter and trash are the last things a person wants to have in their home.


This becomes apparent when it comes time for the infamous “spring cleaning.” It’s the time of year when people transition out of the cold winter weather and are determined to give their house a good once-over in regards to cleanliness. But do you know where household bugs fit into this mix? Does spring cleaning help get rid of household bugs? The simple answer is yes, but to take full advantage of it, there are a few cleaning techniques you should keep in mind:


Wiping away food from hard-to-reach places


Maintaining a clean house is a great way to keep household bugs at bay. If the critters can’t find any discarded food or debris, your house won’t be so attractive to them. Spring cleaning is a great chance to make sure that all those nooks and crannies are clean. We’re referring to those hard-to-reach places that are a pain to clean. This includes behind your refrigerator, stove, entertainment center, couch, etc. Move these items out of the way and sweep behind them, then use a powerful cleanser to wash down the areas that you’ve exposed.


Cleaning out your garage


It’s easy to let your garage get messy. After all, most of us don’t look at it unless we’re getting in and out of our cars or grabbing a tool we keep in there. The garage can quickly become a “catch all” for all kinds of things. If this has happened to you, it’s important to remember that household bugs (and other pests) can congregate in your garage. Not only does it act as a nice refuge from the outside elements, a messy garage makes it even more attractive for these critters. Cleaning your garage might seem like a big chore, but it’s one that will help you keep household bugs away from your home.


Getting rid of any clutter in your backyard


If bugs can’t immediately find their way inside your home, they may opt for the second best thing: your backyard. Like the garage, it’s easy to clutter up the backyard with needless junk, like that bicycle that’s collecting rust or an old tire that you switched out from your car. These objects serve as the perfect refuge for household bugs as they patiently wait for entrance into your home. All you have to do is walk out back and lift up something that’s been sitting there for a couple months and you’ll find all the evidence you need.



Photo Credit: Jos Dielis via Flickr