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Some pests can be worrisome to your health, others are just not fun to have in your Queens New York home and some pests are dangerous because of the venom they possess. Termites, however, are one of the worst insects when it comes to the damage pests can cause. Termites cause millions of dollars in damage to homeowners every year. This is due to the fact that termites chew away and eat at the wood in your home. This can include everything from your wood furniture to the structural wood beams that make up your home. The wood beams are the skeleton of the house and keep the home sturdy. When the beams are slowly being eaten away, they become much less sturdy and can be a danger to the integrity of the entire house. Termites are tricky in determining whether you have them in your home as well as the extent of the termite infestation if you do; and they can be just as hard to treat.

Rest Easy Pest Control outlines ways to inspect, treat and prevent termites from infesting your Queens New York home.

How to Inspect your Home for Termite Infestations: The best way to ensure that you do a thorough inspection of your home is to let a professional with expertise in termites do it for you. One way to know that you are in need of a professional inspection is if you see a swarm of termites flying past your home or neighborhood or pencil sized mud tubes on the exterior walls. You might also start to notice small holes in your wood furniture where a termite could have burrowed. Another tell-tale sign are see small amounts of sawdust on the floor near the entry point. If you even suspect a termite infestation you need to get treatment started right away!

How To Treat Your Home For Termites: Termites cause millions of dollars in damage. The problem is that they chew through the framing of your home and by the time you know you have them they have already caused a lot of damage. Home treatment for termites is not recommended because of the span that the colony can be found. A professional pest control company can go through and set the bait and the chemicals that will eliminate the colony.

What Can You Do To Prevent Termites From Getting In Your Home: The best way to prevent termites is to keep wood piles and debris away from your home. You also want to do a visual inspection around the outside of your home and seal any small holes and cracks. This will not only prevent the termites from getting in but also many other pests. If you suspect you have termites give us a call and we can inspect and treat termites for you today.

Termite Pest Inspection, Prevention, Control & Removal in Manhattan, Bronx, Queens & Brooklyn as well as Nassau & Suffolk Counties, New York