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Spring time welcomes in not only warmer weather, blooming flowers and bright sunshine, but also a heavy influx of insect activity. Bees and wasps are no exception, they are very busy this time of year and some homeowners discover that a hive or nest has been built on or near their home this time of year. Bee hives and wasp nests are nothing to take lightly, especially when they are close to your home. People who suffer from allergic reactions to bee stings are at even more risk when a hive is close to the home. Many home owners make the painful mistake of attempting to remove a hive or nest on their own. Never attempt to remove or destroy a bee hive or wasp nest. This will result in you and others getting stung. Leave this work to the professionals at Rest Easy Pest Control!

Never Swat at a Bee Hive or Wasp Nest

A bee hive or wasp nest that is on or near your home can host tens of thousands of stinging insects. If bees or wasps see you as a threat in any way, they will attack with no hesitation at all. Many people believe that they can solve their bee hive or wasp problem by swatting the hive or nest to the ground by using some type of stick, broom or baseball bat. While destroying the hive or nest is an important part of proper removal, it is also the most dangerous aspect of getting the job done, so if it is not done properly, someone is sure to become injured. Swatting at a hive or nest is not only ineffective, but it will also agitate the stinging insects and you will be putting yourself at risk of being stung hundreds of times in just a matter of seconds.

Never Spray Insect Killer on a Bee Hive or Wasp Nest

Many homeowners make the mistake of taking a generic insect killer and spraying it directly onto or into a bee hive or wasp nest. This is one of the dumbest mistakes you could ever make. Before you bravely walk out to the hive or nest and begin to spray, consider that a bee hive can have as many as 50,000 bees living inside of the nest. The second you begin spraying the hive with insect killer, the bees will immediately become agitated and the insect killer will only mildly affect the first layer of bees within the hive, the other tens of thousands of bees will be extremely upset and begin to attack you immediately. If you have a bee hive or wasp nest near your home or on your property, contact Rest Easy Pest Control and leave the dangerous work to the professionals.

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