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As legend has it, the spiders commonly referred to as Daddy Long Legs are the most venomous spiders in existence, but—what luck!—human beings are in the clear because the small arachnids’ jaws aren’t strong enough to penetrate our skin. The persistence of this story seems to speak to a certain need in us to find power and strength in the unlikeliest of places. Of bigger, stronger animals brought low by unexpected forces.

Unfortunately, it’s a total misconception.

For starters, no one’s even sure what exactly a Daddy Long Legs is! There are many different spiders and two distantly related arachnids that carry the handle from time to time, though if it’s an actual spider you’re talking about, it’s probably a cellar spider. Found everywhere on Earth except Antarctica, they usually prefer warm, dry places or dark, damp recesses, fashioning tangled webs in whatever corners they find and from which they go about their daily business.

Make no mistake, now: these babies are true killers. They just don’t pose any threat to humans whatsoever. Here are some facts about cellar spiders, aka Daddy Long Legs:

  • They hunt, kill, and eat other spiders, including some aggressive and venomous ones like the hobo spider or redback
  • According to one scientist, the Daddy Long Leg spider has never attacked a human, and has never been a danger to humans
  • Their jaws are plenty strong enough to bite into human skin; it’s just that when they do, the venom is mostly harmless

This is a good thing, too, because these guys are everywhere! They actually serve some use to us humans by keeping down harmful spider populations in certain regions. That said, if your basement or cellar gets overrun with Daddy Long Legs, don’t just accept it. Call us pros at Rest Easy Pest Control and we’ll fix the problem for you.