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There are literally countless insects in the world. A lot of them, we are thrilled are not living in our backyards. Others, we are thankful live on other continents. Thanks to those in the pest control profession, pest outbreaks and infestations can be dealt with.

Rest Easy Pest Control would to share some of the insects that plague Manhattan & New York State

1. Getting Rid of Cockroaches. Nasty little insects that manage to make you yelp when flickering the light on in the middle night. They have 6 little legs that help them scurry quickly, leaving behind diseases every time they come out of their nests. They also can trigger asthma and allergies. They generally nest in the walls or other dark places, and are nocturnal, emerging at night to find any missed crumbs. The best things to do to deter these little critters, is make sure any holes, cracks or gaps to your home are properly sealed. Keep the lid on interior trash bins, and the garbage can for exterior pick up as far from your home as you can. Make sure to keep all food areas immaculate and all food put away and tightly sealed.
2. How to Get Rid of Bed Bugs. These icky little insects are known to feed on humans during our slumber. Bedbugs don’t generally carry any diseases, but they do manage to make people feel dirty. The cleanliness of your home doesn’t necessarily make you immune to the nocturnal biters, but will give them more places to hide and multiply if it is. If you have an infestation, you could try to terminate it yourself, with hot washing and drying treatments, and replacing the mattress, but for guaranteed results, call a pro on this one. You will know if you have bedbugs if wake you to find an alignment red, itchy blotches, primarily on your arm, and if tiny blood stains from your attacks left on the sheets.
3. Getting Rid of Ants. Not all ants depend on dirt ant hills to call home, some local species, will burrow into soft wood, like around the windows. They will feast upon the bounty of unsealed food, or any crumbs lying around. Tidiness is the best prevention. If there is nothing in close proximity to eat, they will move on. Dust, vacuum and clean up any food messes immediately.
4. How to Get Rid of Termites. Terrible, destructive pests. They have the capability of causing costly amounts of damage. Apartments on the lower levels are more likely to be infested, however they can branch out, or up. Feasting on wood panels, joists, and flooring, by the time you notice the damage, it is usually too late to do much. Always call a professional if you feel you have a termite problem. Taking on this war, would more than likely cause more devastation then calling in the big guns.
5. How to Get Rid of Pantry Beetles & Clothing Moths. Annoying to say the least, these pests can also cause a bit of damage. Clothing moths can declare battle by merely snacking on that favorite sweater you have had since the good ole days, and pantry beetles will chow down on your favorite cereal, fester in flour or any other dry food you have. Throw away any infected food. Be sure the replacement dry food is placed in tightly secured airtight containers. Dry clean all your clothes to ensure egg get destroyed. Time to do some deep cleaning you have been putting off. Scrub your pantry helves and cabinets.

Professional Insect & Pest Control Management in Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens, Staten Island, The Bronx as well as Nassau, Suffolk Counties, New York

Having any kind of unwelcomed guests is a pain, we at Rest Easy Pest Control, have experienced, expertly trained professionals who have state of the art equipment, and top quality chemicals to make your home pest free. Call us today to schedule your appointment and discuses routine visits to keep the intruders at bay.