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New York is home to many wonderful sights, sounds and attractions but one characteristic that the city shouldn’t be bragging about is its cockroaches. Cockroaches are running mad all over the place and if you’ve got a roach problem within the walls of your home, it can be extremely difficult to get rid of them on your own. The best way to combat cockroaches is with the help of a professional technician from Rest Easy Pest Control. Rest Easy Pest Control is skilled and experienced in dealing with all species of cockroaches that invade your home or business.

Cockroaches are Harmful to the Health of Babies & People

Cockroaches in New York thrive on invading and living inside of homes and businesses. All cockroaches carry and transmit diseases and dangerous bacteria, and these cockroaches can contaminate food and food prep areas. Think about all of the places a cockroach may have been before they gained access into your home and began crawling on top of your food, your furniture, your clothing and unfortunately in some cases even you. Cockroaches forage through garbage piles, drain pipes, sewers, dumpsters and animal carcasses. Cockroaches also cause allergies and breathing problems to people with weakened immune systems. It is essential that cockroaches be removed from your home to prevent serious illness from befalling you or anyone in your family.

Where Do Cockroaches Hide in Your House During the Day?

One great attribute that assists cockroaches in living longer is their ability to hide extremely well from humans. Once a cockroach gains access into your home they will hide in dark damp areas like basements, crawl spaces, bathrooms, kitchen cabinets and large appliances. Cockroaches will contaminate your food, your cookware and your utensils. Cockroaches are also known to hide out under bathroom sinks, shower drains and laundry rooms as well. What makes the cockroach so sneaky is their speed. Once a light is flipped on, cockroaches can scatter quickly, in many cases before even being seen by the human eye. Most cockroach infestations are rarely discovered until it is much too late and the nest is full of thousands of roaches.

American, German & Oriental Cockroach Pest Inspections, Prevention, Control & Removal in Manhattan, Bronx, Queens, Brooklyn & Staten Island as well as Nassau & Suffolk Counties, New York

New York is home to a variety of cockroach species that will invade your home and business, but there are three main species of cockroach that do most of the damage. The American cockroach, German cockroach and Oriental cockroach are all a nuisance to the city and can be difficult to get rid of without the help of a professional. If you have encountered a cockroach problem in your home or office, contact Rest Easy Pest Control immediately.