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Rest Easy Pest Control vehicle, Pest control, Glen Cove NY, New York, Long Island, Glen Cove Pest Control and Exterminator, Glen Cove, NY, exterminator, Nassau County

Rest Easy Pest Control vehicle, Pest control, Glen Cove NY, New York, Long Island, Glen Cove Pest Control and Exterminator, Glen Cove, NY, exterminator, Nassau County

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Cockroach Control

Because cockroaches contaminate food, secrete an unpleasant odor and cause respiratory irritation, they are considered by most homeowners and entomologists to be one of the worst household pests! Many individuals develop severe allergies to these insects. Allergens present in the feces of cockroaches can become airborne and the allergens are then inhaled from the air or ingested when in contact with food. Rest Easy Pest Control wants to keep your family, employees and guests safe and healthy from pest invaders.

In Home Roach Extermination

Many of the survival requirements of cockroaches can be found in a typical New York City home. These include warmth, high humidity and food and water sources. Cockroaches evolved as scavengers of decaying plant materials and will therefore readily feed on carbohydrates and a variety of other man made substances including paints, wallpaper pastes, and even book bindings. Homes also provide shelter to cockroaches and a multitude of warm and humid nooks and crannies where they can rest and nest. Cockroaches carry and can spread more than 40 varieties of bacteria, germs, parasitic worms and other human pathogens. They easily transmit many different germs from crawling across unsanitary areas like bathroom floors, rodent nesting areas and even sewage, rotting food and garbage.

Unfortunately, our New York homes are a great breeding ground for cockroaches. They spread germs and diseases through their droppings which can be a persistent problem. Rest Easy Pest Control offers a comprehensive cockroach control program of cockroach inspections and treatment that includes sprays, dusts, baiting stations and traps. We also educate our customers on how to prevent future cockroach infestations in their homes.

Restaurant and Commercial Cockroach Control

Cockroaches love dirty garbage cans, sewers, drains, and dark, damp places with food sources nearby. Cockroaches can acquire germs from rotting food and garbage, particularly from dumpsters behind restaurants. Bacteria are transferred from these filthy places everywhere the cockroaches travel. Cockroaches can enter into a commercial kitchen, restaurant or other business in a variety of ways. Most often they are brought in by accident; in used appliances, on food, paper grocery bags or storage boxes and even under labels on cans but they also invite themselves in through cracks and crevices. By the time a cockroach infestation becomes apparent, they may have already done significant damage to your business. Act now and stop cockroaches from infesting your commercial property by calling Rest Easy Pest Control. We will perform a thorough inspection of your facility and provide you with a recommended Integrated Pest Management Program that includes education, cockroach control, maintenance and prevention methods. We will work around your business hours to ensure discreet and convenient service.

By opening a commercial pest control account at Rest Easy Pest Control, you are making a commitment to keep your business cockroach and pest free. It also means you are making a commitment to the health, welfare and safety of your employees, customers and clients. Call Rest Easy Pest Control today to schedule an appointment with one of our highly trained cockroach control technicians. Our custom Integrated Pest Management solutions enable you to focus your energy on growing your business instead of worrying about pest problems.