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rodent-problems-house-fireFor many homeowners, rodent problems can equal a huge hassle. They eat our food, leave feces everywhere, and can even spread disease. The annoying critters are nocturnal, which means they’re usually running around while we’re sleeping. But with all the problems that rodents can cause, some homeowners don’t consider the fact that they can even cause fires within your home.



Rodents chew everything


If you have rodent problems, it usually doesn’t take a long time to figure it out. After all, those huge teeth aren’t meant to give them a bright smile; they are made to chew. A rodent’s teeth, hands down, is the best tool that the critter has when it comes to foraging for food or building a nest.


There are few things that a rodent can’t chew its way through if given enough time. Whether it’s cardboard, wood, or bags of food, rodents know how to cause a lot of damage to your home. What may be surprising is the fact that one of the biggest problems is that they have no qualms about chewing through the wires in your home.


Chewed wires can mean real danger


Electrical wires are everywhere, in every room of your house in one way or another. If these wires become damaged, it causes a safety hazard. Luckily, wires are almost always safe, because of the way they’re protected by an outer casing. Unfortunately, rodents will chew through wires and everything else in the search of food, or to built a nest for itself.


Exposed wires can lead to malfunctions of equipment, but even worse, can cause a fire if not dealt with promptly. And the real kicker? Rodents have also been known to chew through the wires of smoke alarms around your home. Together, these rodent problems can mean a very real danger to your family and home.


Automobiles are not safe


When it comes to the dangers of rodents, and in particular their tendency to chew through wires, most homeowners will strictly concentrate on the house itself. But that is only a part of the problem. When it is cold outside, rodents will attempt to get into your house, but very often, it is much easier for them to gain access to your garage.


Once there, they will attempt to find someplace warm to stay for the night. One such common area is underneath your hood. Engines stay warm for a bit of time, so the rodents may feel the warmth and be drawn to it. After they’re inside, they will chew through available materials to build a nest. Which means that the wiring of your car is often damaged and, just like your home, will create a fire hazard.



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