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business-pest-controlRestaurants, hotels, motels, and other hospitality businesses obviously need to pay attention to business pest control. Bugs in a restaurant or lodging establishment are a sure way to turn off customers and can lead to problems with health inspectors.



But every company should be concerned about business pest control because:

  • Visible pests will turn off customers, no matter what type of business it is. Cleanliness is a sign that a business is well-run, while the presence of rodents and insects indicates that a company has lax oversight.
  • Employees shouldn’t have to work in buildings with pests. If you want employee morale to plummet, allow pests to infest your workplace.
  • Pests can lead to employee health problems that can result in lost productivity, higher healthcare costs, and possibly lawsuits.



How to Keep the Pests Out



To ensure your place of business remains pest-free:

  • Reduce clutter. Pests need places to hide, so the less clutter in the office, the more opportunity pests have to establish themselves.
  • Don’t leave out food. Encourage employees to dispose of food properly. Especially if you don’t have a regular cleaning service, you should stress that food left in waste baskets overnight can attract pests. If you have a kitchen area, insist that employees clean up after eating. And designate someone to ensure that the area is cleaned daily.
  • Keep outside trash areas tidy. Don’t let trash that didn’t quite make into a dumpster accumulate outside the dumpster.
  • Contract with a pest-control specialist to perform regular inspections and treatment. Even with diligent efforts to keep your business clean, pests can still become a problem. Pest-control companies can visit on a set schedule to look for signs of infestation, to treat any pests that are found, and to provide preventative pesticide applications.



Photo Credit: Restaurant by Dalbera