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Pest Prevention for New Homeowners


Congratulations! You just bought your very first house. You already have a lot to think about, like interior decorating, furniture, landscaping, utilities, and possibly remodeling. We hate to do this to you, but there’s one more thing you may want to add to your list: pest-proofing your home. This goes double if your home is […]

How to Keep Your Barbecue Fly-Free


Barbecuing is as American as apple pie. There’s no better way to entertain your friends than to grill some meat in the backyard, throw some music on, and have a beer. If you didn’t get all the BBQ-ing out of your system this summer, you may want to plan one fast—the cold weather is right […]

Spider Factoids


Spiders are beyond gross, but they’re still a pretty interesting group of insects. Here are some fun spider facts (even though they probably won’t make you like spiders any more):  Spiders are some of the most successful creatures on Earth, and have adapted to nearly every habitat imaginable. They play a crucial role in many […]

The Science Behind the Cricket-Chirp


How—and why—do crickets make their notoriously annoying chirp? We thought you were wondering, so we’d like to share the science behind it. (Before we get into it, some people actually enjoy the chirping sound. In China, for example, it’s considered good luck!) First, not all crickets chirp—only certain species do. And in the ones that […]

NYC Subway Infested with Bedbugs


It seems that bedbugs aren’t just a bed problem. Train cars in our very own subway system have been fumigated due to bedbug infestation, according to Metropolitan Transit Authority (MTA) officials. The cars were on the 5 and N lines, and were recently put out of commission so they could be cleaned. There have also […]

The Coolest Exterminator of All Time

Bill Murray

Bill Murray is a comedy legend. He was hilarious on SNL, where he was a fixture throughout the ‘80s. He was also great in lots of movies, like Scrooged, Groundhog Day, Ghostbusters, and Zombieland—just to name a few. But my all-time favorite Bill Murray performance came in my all-time favorite comedy: Caddyshack. Murray played Carl […]

Ebola in Africa: Crisis


Although those of living in the US can rest easy when it comes to Ebola, that’s anything but the case in several other countries. In Liberia, for example, Ebola is quickly spreading. The president of Liberia has issued a nighttime curfew and imposed a quarantine on one section of the capital (Monrovia) in an effort […]

How to Avoid Ticks


Ticks are no laughing matter. Two words: Lyme disease. Lyme disease is caused by bacteria that belong to the genus Borrelia. This disease can be cured with antibiotics if it’s detected early, but Lyme disease often progresses throughout the body without showing any symptoms—until it’s too late. In extreme cases, advanced Lyme disease can even […]