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Common Insects & Pests in Manhattan New York; Cockroaches, Bed Bugs, Ants & Termites. Call Rest Easy Pest Control to Get Rid of Them!

There are literally countless insects in the world. A lot of them, we are thrilled are not living in our backyards. Others, we are thankful live on other continents. Thanks to those in the pest control profession, pest outbreaks and infestations can be dealt with. Rest Easy Pest Control would to share some of the […]

Types of Ants Found in New York State & How to Get Rid of them in your NYC Home; Call Rest Easy Pest Control for Carpenter, Acrobat, Pavement, Pharoah & Odorous House Ant Extermination!

Are you experiencing ants in your residence or commercial business in New York? You are certainly not alone; ant populations are most active during the end of summer. But it may surprise you to know that ants can be found in homes nesting during the winter months. Although ants are cold blooded, like all insects […]

Origin of Hemlock Woolly Adelgid Treatment and Control

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The hemlock woolly adelgid, or HWA, is one of the most destructive insects that has inhabited North America. HWA is a destructive pest that threatens the eastern hemlock and the Carolina hemlock. These insects are known for destroying large portions of healthy thick forests and continue to become more of a nuisance every year. The […]