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Origin of Hemlock Woolly Adelgid Treatment and Control

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The hemlock woolly adelgid, or HWA, is one of the most destructive insects that has inhabited North America. HWA is a destructive pest that threatens the eastern hemlock and the Carolina hemlock. These insects are known for destroying large portions of healthy thick forests and continue to become more of a nuisance every year. The […]

Turning the Spotlight on Stinging Insects

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Stinging insects such as bees, wasps, hornets and yellow jackets send a half million people to the emergency room each year. These flying insects are a nuisance, have a painful sting and are most active during the late summer and early fall when the colonies forage for food to sustain the Queen during the winter […]

Springtime Ants

Springtime is when ants become more active and begin to look for a new area to grow their colony. Ants thrive in a place that stays warm at night and where water and food is close by. Unfortunately our homes and offices often fit this bill perfectly. Ants are excellent scavengers and will crawl through […]

The Single Most Important Thing To Do If You Find Termites


No single pest should trigger a quicker “mayday” reflex upon being found than termites. They don’t spread disease, they aren’t aggressive, they don’t bite, and they don’t remotely care about humans in their vicinity. What they do care about are 1) breeding and 2) eating. That’s it. The problem is, they breed all the time, and their favorite […]

The Only Poisonous Spider Native to New York State

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When people think of venomous spiders, their minds usually go to the Amazon rain forest or the Australian outback. Less associated with the United States of America than some far off, wild land, there are still plenty of venomous spiders traipsing around the good ol’ US of A. Luckily for us, though, there’s only one […]

What’s So Bad About New York Rats and Mice?

New York City Rats

Rats are everywhere in our area. Look down to the tracks the next time you’re waiting for the subway, and there’s a halfway decent chance you’ll see at least one, and probably more like three or four. They are as ubiquitous to the five boroughs as the Statue of Liberty, and their cousin the mouse […]