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What’s So Bad About New York Rats and Mice?

New York City Rats

Rats are everywhere in our area. Look down to the tracks the next time you’re waiting for the subway, and there’s a halfway decent chance you’ll see at least one, and probably more like three or four. They are as ubiquitous to the five boroughs as the Statue of Liberty, and their cousin the mouse […]

Are Daddy Long Legs Venomous?

Daddy Long legs

As legend has it, the spiders commonly referred to as Daddy Long Legs are the most venomous spiders in existence, but—what luck!—human beings are in the clear because the small arachnids’ jaws aren’t strong enough to penetrate our skin. The persistence of this story seems to speak to a certain need in us to find […]

6 Tips For Eliminating Mosquitoes Around Your Home


Though they’re at their worst in the depths of summer, mosquitoes are still alive and kicking in your neighborhood. You may have thought they went away, but just wait for that next big rain. The following morning, or maybe two days later, you’ll have a brand new swarm of mosquitoes in the air around your yard. […]

5 Ways To Prevent Picking Up Bed Bugs While Traveling

bed bugs

Bed bugs don’t just magically appear. Every infestation that has ever happened occurred because somebody went somewhere that housed bed bugs and brought the critters back. It really is that simple: these little guys don’t travel great distances by themselves, and they don’t fly, either. The way most people first encounter bed bugs is when traveling. […]

New York City Raccoons: What You Need to Know

New York City Raccoons

It’s hard to believe if not seen for yourself, but raccoons are swiftly becoming a major nuisance in New York City and on Long Island. Whereas country populations of these nocturnal critters can be spread out and relatively tame, intra-city ones compete with people, rats, pigeons, each other, and every other living thing for space, […]

What To Do If There Are Mice or Rats In Your House

Mice and Rats

Most people associate mice and rats chiefly with disease spreading, but these rodents can do major damage without you ever coming into contact with them. That’s because they chew through everything. They can cause house fires by chewing through electrical wiring. They can ruin your roofing or foundation by burrowing through it to get inside. And […]

Yes, Fall Pest Control Is Important. Here’s Why.

Fall Pest Control

As the weather turns colder and the leaves begin to fall, it’s tempting to think your problems with pests are about to be over until next spring. “Alright!” you tell yourself, “everything will die or hibernate and we can chill out until next year. Unfortunately, you couldn’t be more wrong. While it is true that […]

Spiders Love Living in New York City. Here’s Why.

Große Spinne

You might be inclined to think that something as reclusive and slow moving as a spider wouldn’t like the big city. This assumption works for most animals and insects, but the opposite is true of spiders. They LOVE New York! Just as at-home in the middle of a metropolis as out in wild, open spaces, […]

How Do I Spot a Potential Bed Bug Infestation?

Beg Bugs under bed zoomed in. Vector EPS10

They may not cause many problems, but bed bugs sure are gross. What they lack in disease transference they more than make up for in making your skin crawl. These microscopic nuisances feed on you while you sleep, and do so in such a way that you may not notice it for a long, long […]