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Netflix’s Success and Cockroach Control


Netflix has really been killing it lately. First came House of Cards, a powerhouse drama starring Kevin Spacey that HBO and AMC—arguably the two hottest networks on TV right now—both originally wanted, but were thwarted by Netflix outbidding them. House of Cards has consistently received rave reviews in both of its seasons, and it garnered […]

Study Finds That New York Cockroaches Are Like People


An intriguing study has shown that we may have more in common with cockroaches than we’d like to think. Research led by Dr. Mark Stoeckle, a specialist in infectious disease at Rockefeller University, has shown that cockroaches in New York City tend to stick around the neighborhoods they were born in, and segregate themselves into […]

New York Termites Causing Global Warming?

global warming

New York termites are the worst type of pests, undermining the foundations of the great things we’ve built in this city. No surprises there. But what you may find surprising is the role that termites play in global warming: A recent study published in Nature Climate Change suggests that termites may play a far bigger […]

New York Bed Bugs? Avoid This Horror Story from Vermont

bed bug

Here at Rest Easy Pest Control, we take the upmost pride in exclusively using pesticides that regulators have deemed safe and effective. But not all pest control companies are so scrupulous: a Rutland, Vermont couple recently reached a settlement of $450,000 with an agency who hired an exterminator that used a banned pesticide on their […]

At Least Your Brooklyn Neighbors Aren’t Growing Cockroaches

brooklyn cockroach

It’s starting to be another hot Brooklyn summer. Tempers flare in the heat, and for those of us packed together tight in Brooklyn neighborhoods, little problems can quickly become big ones. But lest you think you have bad neighbors, we recently found a strange story of a Chinese woman who breeds cockroaches in her home, […]

Should We Worry About an Epidemic?


Epidemics, which are often transmitted by common pests like rats and mosquitoes, pose a much bigger threat than most people realize. Genetic mutations are happening all the time, in almost every species. They’re happening in large animals like us, and they’re happening in bacteria, viruses, and protozoa—and in these little guys, they happen much faster. […]

Malaria 101


In a recent post, we talked about how one of Bill Gates’ major goals was to help solve the massive malaria problem that continues to plague third-world countries—he’s donated billions of dollars to the cause. Here’s some general information about malaria: Even though Anopheles mosquitoes take the brunt of the blame for malaria, they’re not […]

Why Bill Gates is the Man

stop malaria

Bill Gates is the man. Let’s turn the clocks back to the year 2000. Y2K has just passed, and the people who predicted the end of civilization feel stupid. Bill Gates is the richest man on Earth, and the CEO of the most powerful corporation in the world at the time—Microsoft. He could have done […]

Worst Agricultural Pests

agricultural pest

It’s been estimated that plant pests result in a 40% loss in global food production each year, and it’s thought that they pose the single biggest threat to global food security. The BBC interviewed a leading agricultural researcher and asked him what the worst agricultural pests were. Here are some of his highlights: • The […]

Pest Control Horror Story of the Week: Termite Town


As Dusty walked down the creaky wooden stairs into the couple’s basement, he was immediately assaulted with a dank smell of musty old newspapers and paint-thinner. That can’t be a good sign, he thought to himself. It was the type of old-fashioned, unfinished basement that was the setting of at least a dozen horror movies […]