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How to Avoid Head Lice

lice comb

The new school year is underway! And that means diligent young students are hitting the books, passing tests, gossiping in study hall, and getting head lice. Unfortunately, there are 8 to 12 million new cases of head lice each year. And while they may not be terribly dangerous, head lice are annoying—causing itchy scalps that may […]

Scientists’ Homemade Bedbug Trap


A group of scientists recently devised a super cheap (and super smart) homemade bedbug trap. Bedbugs,or Cimex lecturalius, have proliferated in recent years. So the scientists emphasize how important it is to teach people how to control bedbugs in their homes. Bedbugs don’t just manifest in your bed out of nowhere—they have to get up […]

Nassau Rats: A Growing Concern


People are wreaking havoc on the biosphere. We’re imposing our own form of natural selection, and causing many animal species to go extinct. Scientists call it defaunation—the extinction of fauna—and say it’s happening faster than ever before. Since the year 1500, 320 species of vertebrates have gone bye-bye (and the remaining ones have seen their […]

Are Nassau Ants Saving the Planet?


It seems that ants may be helping to cool the Earth. That’s the suggestion of a recent study published in Geology by an Arizona State scientist named Ronald Dorn. There are eight species of ants known to do something called “weathering,” where they take minerals in their environment and turn them into calcium bicarbonate, also […]

First Woman to Win Fields Medal


One pest-like notion that some people still hold onto is that women aren’t as good as men in math and science. But a woman named Maryam Mirzakhani just helped put that idea to rest. This past Wednesday, in Seoul, South Korea, this woman was awarded the Fields Medal (the Nobel Prize of math). It was […]

A Tribute to Robin Williams

Robin Williams

We lost a legend Monday. Robin Williams was an iconic entertainer who was equally charismatic as a comedian and an actor. He was always funny, and seemed to be a genuinely good guy. And that’s what he was, according to a recent Twitter tribute from someone who would know—his daughter. Robin—who was 63—had struggled with […]

Nassau Termites Are Master Builders

termite mound

Termites are some of the most prolific builders on Earth. Several of them could fit on your fingernail, but together they can build structures up to 17 feet high. Yet in a colony of a million termites, there’s no one master termite that directs all the others. So how do termites accomplish what they do—how […]

Are We Bee-ing Misled?


Is the bee population in a freefall? The White House is getting involved in the issue of the alleged bee decline—it just directed the Environmental Protection Agency to “assess the effect of pesticides, including neonicotinoids, on bee and other pollinator health and take action, as appropriate.” It also created an organization known as the Pollinator […]

Caterpillars Devouring Brazil’s Corn


Evolution is hurting farmers in Brazil. Farming in Brazil has always been a challenge because of its proximity to the equator, which means the crops have to deal with a ton of tropical insects that love to eat them. Besides optimizing for taste and yield, one of the most important aspects of GMO is making […]

Squirrel Problems Rock Westchester


Many people consider squirrels to be relatively cute, but no one wants to see one scampering across their kitchen floor. Yet such has been the fate of many Westchester residents this summer. This is what recently happened to one New Rochelle man named Alprentice McClutchen: “I come through the doorway and this squirrel is moving […]