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Bacteria, Bacteria Everywhere (including Nassau Rats)


Although we can’t see them, bacteria are everywhere. In terms of numbers, they are by far the most successful organisms on Earth (they blow Arachnids out of the water). One reason they’re so widespread is they can survive in almost any conceivable environment—bacteria have been found to thrive in extreme hot, extreme cold, and even […]

Do Nassau Bees like High Fructose Corn Syrup?


When beekeepers observe that times are tight and honey is scarce inside the hive, they’ll occasionally feed their bees sucrose or high fructose corn syrup. But due to the rapidly dwindling bee populations, this practice has been questioned. A recent study published in Scientific Reports studied gene expression and diet in bees, and it found […]

A Center For Nassau Ants?

Ben Stiller

“What is this? A center for ANTS?” Derek Zoolander screams as he hurls a plastic model of a proposed children’s center onto the ground. “How can we be expected to teach children to read if they can’t even fit inside the building?” he continues. “…The center has to be at least (pause) three times bigger […]

The Difference Between Ants and Humans


Ants are very interesting creatures—so much so that one of the world’s most eminent biological writers, Edward O. Wilson, devoted his career to studying them. (This field is called myrmecology). Each individual ant is nothing to write home about. But collectively, a colony of ants is a sort of super-organism with a hive-mind capable of […]

Bed Bugs and Literature

bed bugs literature

I recently started reading Angela’s Ashes by Frank McCourt. Ever heard of it? I guess it’s pretty famous. The book is a loose autobiography of the author’s life, a saga of growing up in a miserably poor Irish family during the Great Depression. McCourt’s a very good writer and his dialogue drips with authenticity—you can […]

Netflix’s Success and Cockroach Control


Netflix has really been killing it lately. First came House of Cards, a powerhouse drama starring Kevin Spacey that HBO and AMC—arguably the two hottest networks on TV right now—both originally wanted, but were thwarted by Netflix outbidding them. House of Cards has consistently received rave reviews in both of its seasons, and it garnered […]

Study Finds That New York Cockroaches Are Like People


An intriguing study has shown that we may have more in common with cockroaches than we’d like to think. Research led by Dr. Mark Stoeckle, a specialist in infectious disease at Rockefeller University, has shown that cockroaches in New York City tend to stick around the neighborhoods they were born in, and segregate themselves into […]

New York Termites Causing Global Warming?

global warming

New York termites are the worst type of pests, undermining the foundations of the great things we’ve built in this city. No surprises there. But what you may find surprising is the role that termites play in global warming: A recent study published in Nature Climate Change suggests that termites may play a far bigger […]

New York Bed Bugs? Avoid This Horror Story from Vermont

bed bug

Here at Rest Easy Pest Control, we take the upmost pride in exclusively using pesticides that regulators have deemed safe and effective. But not all pest control companies are so scrupulous: a Rutland, Vermont couple recently reached a settlement of $450,000 with an agency who hired an exterminator that used a banned pesticide on their […]

At Least Your Brooklyn Neighbors Aren’t Growing Cockroaches

brooklyn cockroach

It’s starting to be another hot Brooklyn summer. Tempers flare in the heat, and for those of us packed together tight in Brooklyn neighborhoods, little problems can quickly become big ones. But lest you think you have bad neighbors, we recently found a strange story of a Chinese woman who breeds cockroaches in her home, […]