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pest-control-nyc-cleaningSpringtime is in the air, and the name of the game is pest control. Pests that might have been keeping a low profile during the colder months of winter are coming in droves. And they all want to get inside your home.



How do you protect your home against these hordes of pests? Simply follow the strategies we’ve outlined below.


Best pest control NYC strategy #1: Seal those small openings.


The vast majority of household pests are very small. In order to get into your home, they slip through every little crack and gap they can find. They enter through your walls, around your door and window frames, and by way of your home’s foundation. If you want to put a stop to a sizable number of these pests, it’s important to keep them from entering your home in the first place. The technique you’ll use to accomplish this will depend on the size of the hole. Products such as caulk and expandable spray foam are good for small and medium problems. For larger ones, go with weatherstripping.


Best pest control NYC strategy #2: Keep your home clean.


While most of us try to keep a clean house, it can often be difficult to maintain. Many household pests are attracted to the food and debris in your home, and take advantage of the fact that you might be leaving food in the sink or not taking your trash out in a timely manner. The good news is that fixing these problems is simple. Just remember not to leave trash out. It doesn’t matter if there’s a strong odor or not. A number of pests have a strong sense of smell, which means it doesn’t take much to clue them into the tasty treats found within your walls.


Best pest control NYC strategy #3: Utilize baiting traps around your home.


While some homeowners believe that sprays are a great deterrent, the problem with poisons is that they can be harmful to children and pets. A much better way to pest-proof your home is to set up baiting systems. In case you’re not aware, baiting systems are very easy to use. Insect baiting systems, for example, attract different types of bugs. These bugs carry off the poison and take it back to their lair where it is spread to a large number of insects. Certain pests have baiting systems that are somewhat different. If you have a problem with bed bugs, for example, you can choose between a baiting system that attracts them or one that is set up near your bed and traps them as they get close. For rodents, you can choose between ones that capture or kill their targets.



Photo Credit:  go_greener_oz via Flickr