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bees-and-wasps-facts-homeNow that spring is in the air, you’ve probably noticed that bees and wasps, are invading your personal space from time to time. While these insects can simply be bothersome to some people, others find them downright frightening. This is because a certain percentage of the population are allergic and even one sting can be extremely dangerous, if not fatal.


One thing that frightens people the most is when bees begin to swarm. It’s bad enough to see one or two, but when you come across dozens, especially near your home, there is cause for concern. Exactly why do these flying creatures swarm? Let’s take a look at a few bee and wasp facts that will help explain this, and allow you to be safe around them.


Bee and wasp facts: Bees have a job to do.


We’ve all heard the scary tales of the Africanized bees, ones that are highly aggressive. But what about the little honey bees that fly around during the spring pollinating our plants and flowers? You might have noticed that those will swarm as well, which can be annoying and dangerous. These bees have a job to do and that is one reason why they swarm. They’re simply trying to get their jobs done and while it may seem like they’re flying around haphazardly, the truth of the matter is that they are highly organized. Bees live for two reasons: 1) to reproduce, and 2) to make honey for the winter months.


Bee and wasp facts: Bees do not consider themselves to be individuals.


You’ve no doubt heard the term “hive mind” before. Honey bees exist as eusocial (the highest social order in the animal kingdom) within a colony. Rather than seeing themselves as individuals, they work in unison as one living, breathing entity. A great example of what this means is demonstrated when there is a lack of food. These bees will not fight over the food, nor will they attempt to keep the queen alive by allocating more food to her. Instead, they will continue to divide up the food evenly and will all live or die together. This “single unit” mentality is a big reason why they all swarm. They don’t stray too far from the rest of the group.


Bee and wasp facts: Call a professional for removal.


If you find a swarm of bees near your home, do not try to get rid of them yourself. More than likely, the techniques you might employ could simply irritate the bees and get someone stung. Instead, it’s time that you called the help of a professional pest control company that has experience with the safe removal of a bee hive or swarm.



Photo Credit: Treesha Duncan via Flickr