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bees-and-wasps-facts-whereSpring brings all kinds of creepy crawlies out of the woodwork. Many of these, like cockroaches and crickets, will attempt to get inside your house. But what about those that don’t creep or crawl, and have little interest in visiting the inside of your home? Bees and wasps fall into this category, and although they may not act like other insects, it’s still important that you stay away from them.


There are a number of bees and wasps facts that you should be aware of. This is especially true if you’re allergic to their stings, because being stung can cause you great harm, depending on your specific sensitivity level of bees and wasps.


Today, we’re going to focus on where to be on the lookout for wasps, those nasty looking creatures with the big stingers,  around New York City.


Bees and Wasps Facts: City Parks


New York City is home to some of the state’s most beautiful parks. Take a stroll through any of them and you’ll see people running, children playing, pet owners walking their dogs, and a whole slew of other activities. Unfortunately, these parks can sometimes conceal a hidden danger — wasps. This isn’t a reason to avoid any of the city’s parks. Being aware of the possibility is simply a precaution. When you’re having fun with your family or spending some alone time, be on the lookout. If you notice a collection of wasps or an actual nest, contact the Park’s Department.


Bees and Wasps Facts: Outside Dining


With the weather finally on the warm side, many NYC residents are enjoying lunch and dinner outside at their favorite restaurant. What’s not to love? Breathing the fresh air. Enjoying the breeze. Much better than being stuck in a stuffy building while you eat. With all that fine food outside, though, there’s the possibility that diners might end up attracting wasps. For the most part, you’ll probably only see a few of the critters. Just try to avoid them. No matter what you do, don’t antagonize them. They’ll typically leave on their own after a short period of time.


Bees and Wasps Facts: Brownstones


A staple of many areas, brownstones are another place where you might find wasps. They may be attracted to the vegetation outside, and there’s the chance that there’s a nest nearby. If you live in one of these brownstones, inspect the area for any signs of a nest. If one is found, contact your landlord and get him/her to call a professional pest control company immediately. If you’re simply walking past a brownstone and notice a collection of wasps, alert someone who lives there, if possible. It never hurts to look out for your neighbor.




Photo Credit:  docentjoyce via Flickr