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While bees serve many important roles and are close to being an endangered species, wasps are your typical worthless pests. So it helps to bee able to (puns are the bee’s knees) tell them apart so you know which insect to throw fundraisers for and which to hire a pest control company to mercilessly annihilate while you look on, munching popcorn and laughing maniacally. Here are the differences between bees and wasps:

Bees tend to have fatter, more rounded bodies, while wasps are more svelte and slender. (Wasps’ legs, too, are thinner and daintier than bees’.) While bees are hairy, wasps are smooth and hairless. Wasps are also more brightly colored than bees.

Diet-wise, bees are flowerarians, eating strictly flower pollen. Although wasps can be found snacking on pollen too, they’re primarily predators—wasps eat other insects like caterpillars. (Sometimes wasps are introduced in agricultural areas as a form of natural pest control.) Wasps also like human food, and are far more likely to crash a barbecue than bees. In general, wasps are much more aggressive than bees.

A bee’s stinger is barbed. After a bee stings an animal, the stinger dislodges from the bee’s body, ripping out its digestive system and killing it—like a kamikaze pilot. A wasp’s stinger, on the other hand, isn’t barbed, and they can unstick it after they pump venom into their victim. Thus, a wasp can sting without committing suicide.

Bee nests are the ones with the honeycomb look (and the honey). Wasp nests look like they’re made out of beige paper and are shaped like a pear (and don’t have honey). Wasp nests are also more likely to be in a hidden place. Bees are basically always social and involved in some type of hive. But some wasps are solitary, and never bother to engage in that sort of group construction project.

Whether you’ve got bees or wasps, the best way to deal with your problem is to let it be our problem. Give us a call so you can rest easy.

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