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bed-bugs-products-safeguardSafeguarding your house against bed bugs is extremely important. Not only can a full-blown bed bug infestation be a tedious nuisance as you try to get rid of them, it can also end up being quite costly. If you’ve done your due diligence and are sure that an infestation is either ongoing or imminent, the next step is choosing the best bed bug products to help clear them from your home.



Chemicals and foggers can help, but aren’t perfect


When someone realizes that insects of any type have entered their home en masse, their gut reaction is to reach for the closest pesticide. Even if they don’t have a pesticide that targets bed bugs, they treat these chemicals as bed bug products anyway. The same goes for foggers. Homeowners often assume that encasing their entire living space with an aerosol chemical will get rid of all the insects in the house.


Unfortunately, this is not true. The big problem with bed bugs is that they are masters of concealing themselves. Whether it’s your walls, furniture, or other locations, these small parasites can squeeze themselves into tight areas. Although chemicals will kill them, and can be used as a compliment to other techniques, they often won’t reach a large number of the pests.


Bed bug traps can pull double duty


When it comes to bed bug products, traps can be useful in determining if you have bed bugs in the first place, and help get rid of them. Some traps are designed to attract bed bugs, while others are placed around your bed so as to catch any of the critters that try to reach you in order to have its next meal. These traps are great at finding out, once and for all, whether there are bed bugs in your house. And, yes, they can get rid of the bugs. But keep in mind that this can be a time-consuming ordeal and is generally not a fast way to get rid of a large infestation.


Steam is a great choice


After you figure out where the bugs are hiding, whether you do this yourself or enlist the help of a pest control expert, it’s time to pick up a bed bug steamer. Bed bugs can’t survive the heat emitted from these devices. Even professionals use this technique, because they know it works. A bed bug steamer will kill the insects upon contact, without the mess of squishing them and without the risk of a chemical treatment that could be dangerous to children or pets. Of all bed bug products, many homeowners swear by the use of steamers to rid a house of bed bugs as quickly and safely as possible.


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