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bed-bug-productsConcern about bed bug infestation has naturally risen as bed bugs have reemerged as a threat in the past 15 years. To help people protect themselves, a number of useful bed bug products have emerged.



Mattress Liners


A wide range of mattress encasements are available to seal off bed bugs (and dust mites). Key characteristics to look for are a sturdy, secure zipper system and the comfortableness of the encasement, including whether it has an odor. An ActiveGuard Mattress Liner, one of the most popular bed bug products, will not only keep bed bugs from spreading, it will actually kill the blood-sucking pests. The same idea of encasement can be applied throughout your home. There are bed bug products to to cover sofas, chairs, and pillows.


Luggage Encasements


It’s also a good idea to encase your luggage when traveling, and bed bug products such as BugZip will seal your luggage off from bed bugs you could easily pick up in hotel rooms. You can simply use large Ziploc bags to protect clothes that you remove from your luggage.


Luggage Treatment


Another alternative for protecting your luggage while traveling is to buy a PackTite portable heating unit, which is large enough for you to place your luggage into before entering your home after a trip. The PackTite unit heats to above 120 degrees Fahrenheit, which kills the bed bugs.


Disposable Laundry Bags


A highly convenient and effective way to handle clothes that you’ve taken on a trip is to put them in GreenClean disposable laundry bags that will prevent the escape of any bed bugs that are trying to stowaway in your clothes. You can safely bring the bags into your home, and they will dissolve in the washer when you wash the clothes.


Climbup Insect Interceptors


This product is a great way to check for a bed bug infestation. The interceptor is a plastic cup that is placed under the legs of beds or other furniture infestations. The cups are coated with a thin layer of talc, which makes them too slippery for bed bugs to crawl on. They fall into the cup and can’t get out. Therefore bed bugs trying to climb onto the bed or other furniture—or tying to leave to return to a nest somewhere else in the house—will be exposed.


Vapor Steam Cleaners


Steamers will kill bed bugs with their high heat, but be sure to immediately dry any wood surfaces and to let mattresses or furniture completely dry before putting bed bug encasements back on.
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