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bed-bugs-in-hotels-manhattanProblems with bed bugs in hotels in Manhattan are certainly understandable considering that Manhattan is a leading destination for business and leisure travelers from all corners of the world. One of the suspected culprits in the reemergence of bed bugs as a common pest in the past 15 years is the increase in international travel, so it makes sense that Manhattan hotels have been hard hit.



So when traveling to Manhattan, it’s wise to take the following steps to keep from picking up bed bugs in hotels.


1. Research hotels where you are considering staying using websites devoted to reports of bed bugs and asking the hotels directly about the frequency of their bed bug inspections and treatments.


2. Inspect your room before settling in, taking apart the bed to check on both sides of the mattress, along the box springs and in the headboard. Also check the rest of the room, particularly furniture near the bed. Bed bugs can be almost anywhere there’s a crack or crevice they can hide in.


3. Ask for another room if you find bed bugs, requesting a location as far away as possible from the first room. Then inspect the new room just as you did the first.


4. Keep your luggage on a luggage rack and your clothes in sealable plastic bags, realizing that your inspection may have missed bed bugs. Keep both clean and dirty clothes sealed up when not being worn.


5. Travel with bed bug-proof mattress encasements that you can put on the hotel mattresses to keep bed bugs from crawling on you to feed while you sleep.


6. Immediately wash and dry clothes on high heat when returning home before ever unpacking them from the plastic bags into which you’ve put them. The heat will kill bed bugs, which die at temperatures above 120 degrees. Take dry-clean clothes to the cleaners before ever bringing them inside.


7. Treat your luggage with heat before bringing it inside. Some people place their luggage in a car in the sun on a warm day, but the most reliable method is to use a portable heating unit into which you can place the luggage. Takeaway Point Responsible, sensible hotel owners in Manhattan use professional pest control services to prevent bed bugs in hotels, but you should nonetheless take the above precautions if you want to be certain you won’t bring bed bugs back home with you.
Photo Credit: Manhattan Skyline