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what-do-bed-bugs-look-likeSo you have Bed Bugs and you are freaked out, calm down take a deeeep breath and Rest Easy.  The End of Days is not here and the sun will come up tomorrow.  I promise.




Having bed bugs is annoying and stressful, however, it is a VERY solvable problem AND can be remedied without throwing everything away, dry cleaning and washing everything you own and living out of plastic bags for the next 90 days (or longer).  So what do you do next?




  1. Stop reading horror stories on the internet!  99% of what you read on the internet about bed bugs and bed bug treatment are the worst cases, which in reality is the opposite of what we see as professionals.   99% of the time when a bed bug exterminator is called in, the problem is not that bad and is remedied within 30 days with minimal impact to a customer.
  2. DON’T throw out everything you own!!!  This can actually make an exterminators job harder.
  3. Take a DEEEEP breath and have a glass wine, a glass of scotch, meditate (if you don’t drink) but take a minute and breathe because you are STRESSED and again this is not the end of the world.
  4. Call a professional.  Trying to solve this Bed Bug Problem on your own or DIY is not suggested.  Bed Bugs are one group of insect you don’t want to try and eradicate with a trial and error approach.  They multiply quickly by feeding on your blood…enough said.
  5. Hire someone you can trust, referral from a friend or a highly Yelp reviewed bed bug exterminator (like us!!) or some other another 3rdpart site.




We offer low preparation approach where 99% of the time our clients do not have to bag up all of their belongings, empty all closets and dressers, dry clean or wash all of their clothing, etc.  It includes a three treatment process that kills all cycles of the bed bugs, the adults, the young, the pregnant, etc.  We also use encasements for the mattress and especially box springs (Be careful here, there are MANY encasements on the market that say they are bed bug “proof” but most are not).  The last piece of the puzzle is passive monitors.  We place this on the furniture legs to limit mobility of bed bugs during the treatment process.

The best piece of advice I could give is hire the person you feel most comfortable with.  Eliminating bed bugs is a process and you need to trust the company you hire and listen to everything they say.