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bed-bug-search-strange-placesWhen people start talking about the dangers of a bed bug search and where they might hide, most only consider furniture like couches and beds. After all, they’re called “bed” bugs for a reason, right?



But the thing you need to realize about these evil little parasites is that they’ll squeeze into any area they can. And since they’re so small, there are few places they can’t get into. Here’s a quick list of some strange places where bed bugs have been found:

  • Taxi cabs — The last thing you want is to find bed bugs in a taxi when you’re coming home from the airport after a long trip or need a ride somewhere in a pinch. New York is full of taxis, which makes the area more susceptible than most. For many people, avoiding taxis can be almost impossible. So just be sure to perform a quick bed bugs search in the seat and alert your driver if you see any problems.
  • Movie theaters — You probably thought it was safe to go back into the movie theater now that the Saw franchise has ended. The seat of a movie theater, though, can sometimes be occupied by a hundred different people or more each week. This can quickly open up each theater to a bed bug infestation. The good news is that a bed bugs search is typically conducted on a regular basis by a professional in these types of places.
  • Keyboards — As these words are being typed, we’re definitely checking for bed bugs right now. Although some keyboards may be too slim to harbor the little critters, many are not. Bed bugs can sometimes slip between the cracks of the keys — especially when they’re in their initial stages of development — and then come out when you least expect them.
  • Seams of your clothing — If you didn’t think bed bugs were disgusting before, maybe you’ll really understand how important it is to get rid of them when you find out they can hide in the seams of your shirts, pants, etc. Imagine walking around all day with a few bed bugs tucked under your belt. This is why it’s necessary to conduct a bed bugs search on your clothing periodically if you believe your home may have a problem.
  • Light switches — A lot of light switches found in the average home have a small gap between the wall and the panel itself. Unfortunately, these slits are big enough for a bed bug to slip through. Or perhaps they sneak in from the wall behind them. Light switches can make a great hiding spot, and if one crawls out when you’re switching a light on or off, you won’t soon forget about it.



Photo Credit:  filmresearch  via Flickr