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looking-for-bed-bugs-spring-breakSpring Break is almost here! For many, this is a time for fun and joy. Maybe you’re going back home to visit your family. Or perhaps your grown children are coming to visit you during the break.
Yes, it’s a fun time for many people. What you don’t want to do, though, is spend your Spring Break looking for bed bugs. This why it’s important to strike now and know what to do before things gets out of hand.


Looking for bed bugs before Spring Break starts


Regardless of your plans for Spring Break, the last thing on your wish list is to search for the critters while you’re trying to relax or enjoy the company of others. To avoid this, what you’ll want to do is search for any bed bugs in your home before the break begins.


It’s possible that you might simply see a few of the creatures. That would make it easy, but it’s very likely not going to happen. Instead, you may come across the molted skins of bed bugs as they move from one life cycle stage to the next. But even then, it’s a long shot.


Instead, what you’ll want to do is to actively search for them. There are a few different clues that may be found when looking for bed bugs, but one of the best is to search for their feces. All you will need to accomplish this is a disposable glove or two. Put on the glove and run your hand along the folds of your couch and bed. If it comes back with black markings, this will indicate bed bug feces. If you find evidence that your home has bed bugs, and want to avoid dealing with them during Spring Break, don’t hesitate. Now is the time to call on the help of a professional.


Looking for bed bugs when someone visits during Spring Break


Bed bugs don’t simply appear out of thin air. Although bed bugs may find their way inside your home from outside, it is also common for someone to inadvertently carry them inside your home. This is why you must be diligent with every visitor if you suspect they may have been exposed. Better safe than sorry.


Checking is easy. After all, there’s a good chance you’re close to these people (or they wouldn’t be in your home), so simply explain to them that you want to be careful. Looking for bed bugs in their suitcases and clothing, where these parasites typically hide, shouldn’t be too difficult or time-consuming. Just make sure that you are thorough. Bed bugs love hiding in tight spaces, so you should check every pocket and corner of their belongings.


Photo Credit: virtualphotographystudio via Flickr