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bed-bugs-treatmentThere’s nothing quite like having a bed bug infestation in your home. Between the bloodsucking and itching, it’s enough to make any homeowner go bonkers.
Trying to get rid of the nasty critters is even worse. Bed bugs treatment prevention is often a time-consuming, costly process. Of course, this can depend on how many bed bugs are in your home. There’s a good chance that you might have a low enough number that you can use an over the counter bed bug treatment for the problem. But which ones work and which ones don’t?


What doesn’t work as a bed bug treatment


Just because you bought a reputable brand of insecticide from a reputable store doesn’t mean it’s actually going to work. Poisons can work extremely well with certain bugs. But think about the application of these poisons for a moment … you spray around the perimeter of your house, along the edges of each room, behind furniture, and wherever else you can think of. Bed bugs, however, are top-notch hiders. They will stay hidden in all the little cracks and crevices in your home while you’re spraying. Bed bugs can often survive up to a year without feeding, so good luck on waiting for them to come out so you can “zap” them. That being said, pesticides can definitely be effective when you apply them to your mattress and box spring, but only as part of a more intensive treatment plan.


Same goes for bug bombs. Many homeowners use these bombs as a way to get rid of an infestation of bugs in one fell swoop (or possibly two). With bed bugs, though, their aforementioned ability to remain hidden makes these bombs ineffective as a bed bug treatment.


What does work as a bed bug treatment


A great over the counter product for bed bug treatment is a bed bug steamer. These parasites don’t do well with heat, and a steamer will kill them on contact. Quality steamers come with a series of attachments, enabling you to treat not only furniture without the use of any chemicals, but small spaces where the bed bugs might be hiding. Just remember that you’ll need to be diligent and spend some time on this method to make sure they’re all gone.


Bed bug traps can also be helpful. These are designed to capture bed bugs so that you can dispose of them. You can choose either an active or inactive version. An active trap will entice the bed bugs to enter the trap and keep them there. An inactive trap, on the other hand, is positioned under the legs of your bed so that when the critters come to feed, they get stuck inside.


Photo Credit: Clean Wal-Mart