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You’re holding hands with your significant other, gazing deep into their eyes. This dinner has reminded you of why the two of you are so good together. As you reflect on all the good times you’ve had, you realize they more than crowd out the bad. Then you see a line of ants walking next to your plate, and the entire moment is ruined.

Ants are found all over the world, and are one of the most successful types of insects in terms of total population size. It’s been estimated that there are a million ants for every human on Earth. This triumph of ants is partly due to their extremely social nature—they communicate and cooperate extensively. An ant colony is sometimes even considered a “super-organism,” due to the extent that it seems to act as a single unit. One ant may be your typical stupid bug, but thousands of them combine into a hive-mind that’s capable of solving fairly complex problems. Much of this behavior seems to be coordinated through pheromones.

Like termites, ant society is segmented by a caste system that includes queens and workers. Unlike termites, male ants have wings and are called “drones.” Drones do nothing in life except fly around, eat, and mate. Must be nice!

Ants have long fascinated humans, holding a revered place in several ancient cultures. Some modern cultures in parts of Central America and Asia actually eat ants—a practice most of us would frown upon here in America. In the literary circuit, giants like Mark Twain and Robert Frost weren’t above writing about ants, which can be seen in Twain’s A Train Abroad and Frost’s poem, “Departmental.”

But ants can also be a big problem if they get into your home or building (especially carpenter ants). There are more than a dozen different ant species in the Downstate area, and we know how to deal with all of them. Got ants? Don’t get antsy, just give the pros at Rest Easy a call.