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long-island-exterminator-6Spring time is certainly in the air. Smell those blooming flowers? See those leafy trees? Hear those bugs scurrying around your home?



Whether or not you’re happy about the cold winter months being behind us, it’s time to face the fact that a Long Island exterminator may be needed. Let’s take a look at 6 reasons as to why:


Reason #1: Bed Bugs


The mere idea of bed bugs getting into your home can be a disturbing concept. The worst part of having these parasites in your house is trying to get rid of them. They like to hide in all the little cracks and gaps in your furniture, walls, and anywhere else they can squeeze into.


Reason #2: Bees & Wasps


Even if you’re not allergic to the venom injected when a bee or wasp stings you, the idea of the pain involved is enough to scare most people. But, of course, if you are allergic, the danger factor is much higher. If you find a bee or wasp nest, it’s best to call a Long Island exterminator with the equipment needed to safely dispose of the threat.


Reason #3: Crickets


Are you having problems getting to sleep because crickets are hiding in your home and chirping all night long? All over the country, there are people suffering from this same annoyance. Although crickets don’t typically become a huge problem for most homeowners, a few of these pests can quickly turn into many.


Reason #4: Mosquitos


These flying parasites are one of the most annoying creatures in the insect kingdom. Very often, you don’t even realize you have one on you until it has punctured your skin. While some people are simply annoyed by the slight sting caused by mosquitoes, there’s also the danger of communicable diseases to consider. If these insects are flying around in large numbers, your only choice may be to call upon the assistance of a Long Island exterminator.


Reason #5: Ants


An ant colony typically numbers in the thousands, and all these bugs are out searching for food. If they think your house would make a good smorgasbord, it won’t take long to bring hundreds of their best soldiers through the small holes in your walls, door frames, and wherever else they can get through.


Reason #6: Cockroaches


These pests are always a problem. As a whole, cockroaches have survived on this planet for millions of years, so if you think they’re afraid of entering your home, think again. Their reproduction rate is incredible, which is why a Long Island exterminator may need to be called if an infestation occurs. After all, no one wants these disgusting creatures in their homes any longer than necessary.



Photo Credit:  rosmary via Flickr