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Bed bugs don’t just magically appear. Every infestation that has ever happened occurred because somebody went somewhere that housed bed bugs and brought the critters back. It really is that simple: these little guys don’t travel great distances by themselves, and they don’t fly, either.

The way most people first encounter bed bugs is when traveling. Think about all the strangers you encounter, and the various places you lay your head at night. Coming across bed bugs is not an indictment of your tastes and habits, but it can lead to a major problem once you get back home if you’re not careful.

The good news is, you can get out in front of any problems. What follows are five traveling situations in which you should think about checking for bed bugs. By staying vigilant, you can avoid bringing an infestation to your home.

  • When deciding on your hotel, do a little research before buying your room. See if the hotel pops up on any bed bug registries or reporting sites, or if there have been any previous complaints.
  • If flying, look over your bags after checking them or stowing them in the overhead bins. You never know whose bag yours might end up beside.
  • Before lying down to sleep, check your hotel bed. That means pulling back the sheets, lifting the mattress, and checking the walls. Look for signs of discarded shells and blood, as well.
  • Use the metal luggage rack in your hotel room. Bugs can’t climb it!
  • Upon returning home, wash all of your clothes in the hottest water possible, and dry everything you can with high heat. Wash your luggage, too, if you’re worried, just in case.

Your better hotels should make it so you have no issues. That said, if something gets by them and you bring back bed bugs from traveling, call Rest Easy Pest Control. We’ve taken care of this problem many times before, and it’s our pleasure to help.