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pest-control-management-5-tipsAs you’ve probably seen in the past, we’re always coming up with pest control tips and tricks for the average homeowner. But what about commercial business owners? Don’t they have to worry about pests as well? The answer is a resounding … YES!



If you want to put a dent in the  number of bothersome creatures invading your business, follow these commercial pest management tips:

  • Ensure proper drainage — A large variety of pests, both insects and rodents, are attracted to water sources. Not only do they need water for survival, but the idea is that where there’s water, there’s food. Even termites will be attracted to water sources that they can use while creating a colony within your building. To help cut down on the number of pests in and around your building, be sure that drainage has been designed correctly.
  • Seal up any cracks in your building — Just like your home, many pests enter your business through the small cracks and gaps in your walls. If you want to take your commercial pest management seriously, you’ll want to take the time to seal up any problem areas. If the business is small, you may be able to do the job yourself. If not, hire a professional contractor who can do the job right.
  • Keep the break area clean — The last thing you want to see at your business is a break room crawling with bugs. No matter the size of your employee break area, it is important that you keep it clean. Typically, this area is maintained by a specific maintenance person. However, employees should also be expected to do their part. For example, employees should clean up after themselves, especially if they spill food or drink. Storing food in sealed containers will also keep insects away.
  • Dispose of garbage in a timely fashion — Depending on the type of business you own or manage, it’s possible that you go through quite a bit of garbage on a daily basis. It’s also possible that this trash can quickly begin to let off an odor that serves as a beacon for a number of pests. If garbage isn’t dispose of in a timely fashion, maggots, gnats, rodents, and other pests can quickly begin to congregate.
  • Hire a professional pest control company — Many large buildings have routine pest control performed, but even small businesses should consider investing in an expert with experience in commercial pest management. A professional will be able to evaluate ALL of your pest control needs and provide you with a run-down of any problem areas you may have. If there are any big issues, a routine visit can help put a stop to it before it worsens



Photo Credit: Mc95 via Wikimedia