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pest-control-company-5If you have a problem with infestation and need to call a pest control specialist, look for the following five characteristics in the company you choose:


1. Experience



If a company has been in business for many years, it tells you that they’re probably good at what they do. And the more experience a company has, the more they’ve learned about what works and what doesn’t. But the number of years isn’t the only gauge of experience. Search on the Internet for comments about the company, talk to people you know who’ve used them, ask for references from the company—in general, check out the company’s history of performance. A lengthy history is good—it means the company has most likely been satisfying customers—but you want to be sure, and going the extra step to research the company protects you from making a mistake.


2. Friendliness and Helpfulness


As you discuss your problem with pest control specialists that you’re considering, pay attention to their attitudes. .Do they understand that pest control is a service industry and therefore emphasize customer relationships? Do they appear eager to solve your problem, or do they act like they’re already way too busy and they could care less if they help you or not? Do they offer advice on how you can prevent infestations, or do they act as if the only thing you can do is call them? You want a pest control specialist that has a genuine, customer-focused business approach.


3. Local Base 


Pest problems vary from region to region, so be sure the company you select is locally based. That doesn’t rule out large national chains that have local operators, but a company that is regionally-based won’t be supported by national advertising and branding and so has more to lose by providing poor service.


 4. Advanced techniques


Whatever your problem is—ants, termites, bed bugs, spiders, rats, mice, or any other pest—research the professional treatment methods for that pest to determine what the most-advanced technology and approaches are. Then ask the pest control specialists how they will treat the problem. If they’re not using the latest technology, it should be a red flag.   5. Cost Finally, of course, there is the price. But as with any service, the lowest price is not always the best deal. By paying attention to the previous four factors, you can better determine the true lowest-cost pest control specialist over the long term.




Photo Credit: Dead Roach by Steve Snodgrass