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mosquito-eliminationMosquitoes can cause serious health problems because as they feed—by sucking blood from humans and other animals—they can transmit dangerous diseases. Unfortunately, mosquito elimination is not an easy task because mosquitos come into homes from outside. Mosquito elimination isn’t as simple as finding a nest and getting rid of it. However, homeowners can take action in their yards to reduce a mosquito problem. Since most mosquitos breed in water, they all involve water control to reduce mosquitos’ breeding grounds.



1. Remove any source of standing water, such as unused pools, old tires, or buckets.


2. If you have need of standing water, such as in a bird bath, change it regularly


3. Remove any clogs in gutters and clean them often


4. Repair any leaks around outdoor faucets and make sure there is no water coming into your basement


5. Inspect your yard for areas where water routinely puddles, such as around old tree trunks or in low lying areas,  and drain the water by digging channels or even installing pipes for drainage.


As you can see from these tips, standing water is the enemy. Therefore, the solution for mosquito elimination isn’t that difficult—just keep the water moving! However, if you’ve done everything you can to eliminate mosquitos’ breeding grounds and you still have the problem, it’s time to call a professional pest-control service that can come to your property, evaluate the situation, and offer recommendations about how to keep mosquitos from getting into your home and overrunning your yard.


The one thing you should not do is ignore the problem, thinking that mosquitos are simply a bother and not a serious problem. As the millions of sufferers of diseases such as malaria and yellow fever over human history can attest, mosquitos are not to be taken lightly.



Photo Credit: Mosquito Bite