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signs-of-a-mouse-infestation-keyboardAny kind of infestation in your home is the basic equivalent of “house cancer.”  The damage that can be caused from such an event can prove to be catastrophic, not to mention the danger to your family’s health.



Rodents, particularly mice, can become a real problem very quickly.  To help quell any issues, it is important that you learn the signs of a mouse infestation.  Below are five signs that will help you keep your house and family safe.

Sign #1: Visual sighting


This one is quite obvious.  If you see a mouse scurry across your floor, this is a good indicator that you might have a problem.  However, one mouse, or even two or three, might not mean that you have an infestation.  But it’s best to be on the safe side, because only a few mice can turn into a big problem very quickly.


Sign #2: Mouse droppings


Mice defecate anywhere and everywhere.  If you start to see a large number of droppings (round little pellets), this is a good indication that you have an infestation.  Droppings can be found anywhere from beneath furniture to corners of your basement.  Even worse than the “ick factor” is the fact that mouse droppings can carry the Hantavirus, which is an extremely dangerous issue.  When cleaning up mouse droppings, be sure to wear protection over your mouth, just to be on the safe side.


Sign #3: Scratching noises


Mice love to get inside your walls and scurry around.  Luckily, they’re not quiet about it in the least.  The amount of noise you hear should indicate whether it’s only a mouse or two that you need to worry about or if it’s the signs of a full mouse infestation.


Sign #4: Gnawed materials


Mice will gnaw on anything.  They’ll chew on furniture, wood, even wiring.  No place in your house is safe.  What’s worse is that this can cause extensive damage to your home.  They’ll even crawl up under your car’s hood and chew up the wires to build a nest.


Sign #5: Tracks


You don’t have to be a mountain man in order to locate tracks left behind by scurrying mice.  The most common location to find such tracks is any place where there is dust.  For the most part, you’ll see footprints, but also keep an eye out for tail marks.  This will also help you estimate how many mice you might be dealing with.


A mouse infestation can be a harrowing and damaging experience.  The first thing you must learn is to look for the above signs of a mouse infestation.  Once you identify the problem, move forward to fix it, and utilize a professional, if needed.  Good luck!


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