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rodent-protection-tom-jerryRodents can be one of the most dangerous, annoying pests found in and around your home.  This is why it is imperative that you know everything you can about them, which will help you ensure proper rodent protection.  Here are five facts that will help you get started:



Fact #1:  Noise is a great indicator that you have a rodent problem.


If you hear scratching in the walls, especially at night, chances are either mice or rats have found their way inside your walls.  If the noise is only slight, then you may have a small amount of rodents to deal with.  But be prepared for a large nest, as they multiply quickly.


Fact #2:  The Black Plague does still exist.


We don’t want to alarm anyone, but even though the Black Plaque was largely eradicated long ago, it still pops up from time to time in the United States.  Luckily, we can take care of it now but it’s still a scary prospect, as are other diseases like Hantavirus.  For rodent protection, make sure you are careful when handling any dead rodents, contaminated food, or droppings.


Fact #3:  Tom and Jerry had the right idea.  You just need a better Tom.


Cats go a long way toward rodent protection due to their eating habits.  While smaller cats might avoid rats due to their larger size, a good “mouser” will kill more than 1000 mice each year.  Feline rodent protection should never be underestimated.


Fact #4:  Squirrels love attics.


Despite the fact that we often see squirrels running up trees and skittering effortlessly across telephone lines, it is common for them to invade an attic.  You’ll want to seal up your attic so that these critters can’t get inside.  Squirrels can cause extensive damage to your insulation and chew right through your thickest wires.  When securing your home against rodents, don’t overlook squirrels.


Fact #5:  Using poisons can spell harm to other animals.


When a homeowner first learns of a rodent problem, the initial instinct is to blast them with rat poison or an equivalent.  But doing so can be harmful to other animals, because it is common for household pets or unintended victims to ingest it by mistake.  For rodent protection, you should consider hiring a professional who will devise the best way to rid your home of the pests without endangering the wrong animals.


These facts should help you get started, but often the problem is too great for a homeowner to handle.  If you find yourself in a tough spot, you should definitely call a professional who can assist you with getting rid of the nasty critters while simultaneously teaching you about rodent protection for the future.


Photo Credit: Tom And Jerry