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home-pest-problems-hiddenSeveral of the pests that a homeowner has to deal with are right out in the open. Whether it’s a line of ants in your kitchen or flies buzzing around your head, these are pests that don’t make any effort trying to conceal themselves.




For other pests, though, hiding is in their very nature. This can be a problem for homeowners, because they will often go undetected for quite some time. Today, we’ll take a look at 5 hidden pest home threats that you need to know about:



Hidden pest home threat #1: bed bugs



Everyone knows what kind of problem bed bugs can be. Once you get them, it can be extremely difficult to get rid of them. They will hide in every corner of your home, from inside your walls to the folds of your couch and inside your mattress. With these pests, you must be absolutely diligent if you ever hope for them to go away.



Hidden pest home threat #2: termites



As a homeowner, your biggest commodity — other than your health, of course — is your house. Termites don’t care about this. They will eat you out of house and home if given half the chance. Colonies can be up to 100,000 strong or more, and because they hide within your walls, you may have them without even knowing it for quite some time.



Hidden pest home threat #3: cockroaches



Cockroaches have survived for billions of years for a reason. They can hide and live almost anywhere in your home. They love to take refuge in dark areas until you stumble upon one and scream in terror. If not taken care of, they will multiply at an amazing rate. A cockroach infestation can be time-consuming to get rid of, so you’ll want to avoid one at all costs.



Hidden pest home threat #4: stink bugs



In all honesty, these pests aren’t too bad. They are not poisonous. They don’t eat your home. They don’t suck your blood. So why the hubbub? Well, for one thing, they will eat your plants, both inside and outside your home. But most people don’t like them for the simple fact that they smell very bad.



Hidden pest home threat #5: mice


Any rodent can be a problem, but mice typically cause more havoc due to their size, because it’s easy for them to sneak inside your home. Mice can cause multiple problems. The most prevalent is that they often carry diseases, which are even transmittable through the fumes of their feces. They’ll also contaminate your food by chewing through boxes and bags in your cabinet. And if they chew through your electrical wiring, you could be looking at a fire hazard.



Photo Credit:  Barnaby Kerr Photography via Flickr