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pest-control-at-home-4-keysHomeowners always have a lot to worry about when it comes to taking care of their homes. If they’re not worrying about their cooling equipment breaking down in the middle of summer, they’re concerned with keeping the air inside free of harmful pollutants.


Another concern that every homeowner must contend with at one time or another is dealing with pest control at home. Today, we’ll look at 4 tips that homeowners can use to protect themselves from pests.


Tip #1: Seal any gaps that you can find.


Pests like rats and mice are pretty small, and insects and arachnids are far smaller. What do they all have in common? They will enter your house through whatever cracks, gaps, and holes they can find. You’re never going to seal every single one of these, but the more you can seal, the better off you’ll be. For the smaller or medium-sized holes, you can probably use either some caulk or an expandable foam spray. For larger jobs, weatherstripping will work.


Tip #2: Take out your trash on a regular basis.


Nothing attracts pests more than food, and when it’s been sitting in your trash for days and beginning to rot, the smell attracts them. All pests are included in this problem, from flies that will lay their eggs in rotted meat and give birth to disgusting maggots to rats who will scavenge through your trash in search of a meal. Although these pests may try to get into your trash once it’s outside, that’s still better than coming inside your home.


Tip #3: Keep a tidy kitchen.


Your kitchen is where trash begins, but there’s more to it than that. Many times, pest control at home needs to start in this area because that’s where food is left out the most. Whether it’s a plate caked with pieces of food that’s still sitting in the sink or uncovered leftovers left in the refrigerator, this food will attract bugs and rodents very quickly. This is why it’s very important to discard your trash in a proper refuse container or store it in a sealable container within your fridge or freezer for later use.


Tip #4: Keep the bugs out. 


This seems more like a goal than a tip about pest control at home, but what we’re referring to is the attraction of arachnids. Spiders and other such creatures are not attracted by discarded food, but by the insects that are brought in because of that food (and other reasons). The fewer bugs that are inside your house, the fewer arachnids that are clamoring to join them. This basically means that the best form of arachnid control at home may actually be insect control.



Photo Credit:  stevendepolo via Flickr