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FourWhen most people think of household bugs, the first thing that pops into their head is the “ick” factor. For the leading majority of human beings, at least in this country, insects are nothing more than creepy critters that must be avoided at all costs.
However, there’s an important fact to consider. Many household bugs, in addition to making our skin crawl, can actually present a series of health risks. Here, we’ll look at four of those possible risks, so that you can understand just how important extermination can be.



Health Risk #1: Respiratory Issues


We’ll start with a health risk that a lot of people often don’t even consider, and probably prefer not to think about. The truth is, a few household bugs can cause respiratory issues to develop, or irritate already existing ones even without coming into contact with you. This is because their skins enter our air and we breathe them into our lungs. The same can also occur with dust mites, but as a whole.


Health Risk #2: Communicable Diseases


Luckily, several types of bugs, such as ants and bed bugs, are not carriers. But some insects are known to carry diseases that can be deadly to humans. The number one perpetrator of this is the mosquito. Although many people get their blood sucked by mosquitos on a regular basis without any problems, these flying parasites can sometimes transmit malaria and other diseases, which can make them highly dangerous.


Health Risk #3: Food Contamination


Household bugs often live in dirt and filth. Some, like cockroaches, might even make their way inside your home after being in the local sewer. These pests, along with a number of others, will take whatever filth they’ve found outside and track it in. After all, they have no concerns over your safety. Some of the household bugs will stay out of sight, so their effect on your home may be minimal. But many of them, while in search for food, will invade your cupboards and find their way into your food supply. If this happens, anything they’ve touched will need to be thrown away.


Health Risk #4: Skin Irritation


Bed bugs are a likely cause of skin irritation. They must dine on human blood in order to grow from one life cycle to the next, and they do so while you’re sleeping. The good news is that most people don’t suffer any more than mild skin irritation and a good amount of itching. But if you have sensitive skin, the effects could be a bit more severe. To get relief, take a hot shower to dry out the area and apply a soothing lotion or aloe vera to the affected area.



Photo Credit:  jlz via Flickr