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stink-bugs-3-reasonsHave you seen bugs in your home that look like beetles, but when you kill them (or at least try) you’re blasted by a terrible rotten smell?



Welcome to the stink bug. If you’ve been assaulted with the smell they release when they feel threatened, you don’t need to be convinced that it’s important to know the steps for preventing stink bugs. It’s a decidedly unpleasant odor that’s foul enough to be an effective defensive weapon for the little stink bug.



The seemingly obvious thing to do is actually not a good idea at all. Crushing these pests is absolutely not recommended, because they’ll release their odor as you squish them. So are there ways of preventing stink bugs that will work without making your home smell like a putrid garbage can?



Fortunately, there are three things you can do that will help in preventing stink bugs.



1. Seal up you home. The best method of preventing stink bugs is to never let them into your home in the first place. Once inside, a few stink bugs can become a lot of stink bugs, and even if you’re not actively trying to kill them at the moment, you’ll find that one out of the many will occasionally get startled by other things and release its odor. You’ll just be going about your business, and all of a sudden, it’ll smell like somebody let out bad gas.
So seal up your house to keep the first stink bugs from ever settling in. Not only is this good for stink bugs, it helps in prevention of all types of pests, as well as reduces energy costs. Make sure all your windows and doors are properly sealed with weather-striping, caulking, or tape. Fix or replace any screens with holes in them. Look around the exterior of your home for any cracks or holes through which a stink bug could enter. Pay close attention to attic vents.



2. Kill them when you see them so they don’t spread. You can vacuum stink bugs but you run the risk of scaring them before you suck them up, causing them to release their smell, and you’ll have to be sure to immediately get rid of the vacuum bags.
Mix water with soap to kill individual stink bugs. Without crushing them, gather them one by one and place them in a jar or glass filled with the soapy water. This will kill them without letting them bomb you with their smell.



3. If you can’t get rid of them, contact a professional pest control specialist. An exterminator can eliminate the problem and schedule return visits to prevent them (as well as other household bugs) from returning.



Photo Credit: Stink Bug